Sick? Have kids? Don't bother going to inauguration!

According to this article by Yahoo News, many common items are now prohibited on the parade route and at the capital the day of inauguration. The list of items includes chairs (of any type), strollers, backpacks, the obvious weapons, pepper spray, thermal containers (which would possibly include thermal "sippy" cups), and coolers. Up in the air and possibly prohibited? Canes, walkers, and diaper bags. Some have wondered if slings &/or carriers for babies would also be prohibited since they are "backpack-like".

Families, seniors, and those with chronic illness who wonder how they'll carry necessary meds &/or food are having to back out...and lose deposits and/or full fees for transportation and lodging.

Mr. Obama, if you cared so much about Americans...let alone your supporters, this would have been the type of thing you wanted to announce AS SOON AS YOU WERE ELECTED!!! (You know, BEFORE your supporters gave their hard-earned money to come see you?)

I think Mr. Obama needs to PERSONALLY (NOT from government coffers) reimburse EVERY citizen who has had to back out because of these rules WHICH HAVE NEVER BEEN IMPOSED BEFORE for an inauguration ceremony!

Thoughts, Mr. Obama?

-Me (An angry mama and chronically-ill person who would be LIVID had I given up my money only to find out I had to lose it.)


Anonymous said...

You are so fricken negative. I bet you are fun to live with.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Anonymous-I don't have much respect for those who don't bother showing their faces when they make comments such as yours.

Regardless, my husband and children would disagree with you. They rather enjoy living with me...and I with them.

However, I will never believe I am being negative (in a bad way) when I am rightly upset about the freedoms of myself, my family, or my fellow Americans being taken away.

I would encourage you to get to know a person before you make such personal judgements.