In case you hadn't heard, today was inauguration. Today we swore in our first bi-racial president. Yes. I said bi-racial. Not black. Not African-American. He is bi-racial. I'm not going to argue with anyone here. It's fact. It can't be argued. If you don't agree with me. I don't care. It is FACT. You must still be nice in comments and e-mails or I will delete and block you. (I didn't say you can't e-mail or comment me if you don't agree with me...I just said you must be nice or I will delete and block you. One can disagree with another and do so in a kind, civil mannter.) Nevermind that, though. The above is FACT. There is nothing to argue with. The end.

Please know that I am NOT saying that this is not a monumental event. It is. I wholeheartedly acknowledge that. Before the election, we told our children how monumental the results would be; regardless of who won. We would either have our fist woman vice-president, or our first biracial president. (We also talked about/learned what blacks and women both had been through in this country. How they'd both essentially had to fight for their freedom as well as their right to vote.)

I am bothered, though, by the fact that many who support our new president's politics feel it necessary to tell me to shut up because I don't. (Support his politics, that is.) Note that I didn't say that I don't support our new president. He is our new president and I respect him as such. I will pray for him as I did throughout the election and as I have for every other president we've had in my teen & adult life.

However, I do not agree with his politics. Never have. I didn't agree with parts of his inauguration speech. I found it disheartening that I was told I needed to shut-up or I would "ruin" the day for others. All I did was quote a part of his speech and put a question mark after it. I wasn't aware that a portion of his speech with a question mark after it was day-ruining. Apparently it is. Someone should notify Obama's speech writers. And quick. We could have a revolt on our hands if people start going crazy with their question marks.

What I found even MORE disturbing, though, is that those EXACT SAME PEOPLE were then wishing DEATH on George W. Bush, our out-going president. Really? So I can't quote a portion of a speech and put a question mark after it, but YOU CAN WISH DEATH!?!?

I have NEVER nor will I EVER wish death on Obama or his family. I don't agree with his politics. That doesn't mean he should be dead. Frankly, these last several years, I haven't agreed with a lot of what Bush has done either. Again, I didn't wish him dead!

I did speak out against what I didn't believe was right, though. And I will do the same in this administration should I feel it necessary.

I will never stand by while someone attempts to take away my Constitutional rights. It doesn't matter to me if that person is Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, Green Party, or whatever other party you can come up with.

What matters to ME is whether they actually stand by their oath to, "...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." Our last president did not. He violated the Constitution so much it's beyond words. I pray that our current president doesn't attempt to follow suit.

"Pray" THAT'S the key word. I pray. For our president and for our country. I would encourage you to do the same.

Also, don't be afraid to stand up for our rights should they be violated. Remember, according to the Declaration of Independence, we not only have the "right", but the "obligation" to do so.

Standing up for one's rights under the Constitution does NOT mean they're negative. It does NOT mean that they are less of a Christian. It does NOT mean that they aren't praying for our president. It does NOT mean that they aren't respecting our president AS our president. It just means they don't agree, and they want to see something changed.


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