Knife Control?

You know what could have prevented this?

KNIFE control!

Would it be tacky for me to write a blog about proposed KNIFE control laws?

I mean really! What American home DOESN'T have a knife. What's worse, MOST knives aren't even under lock and key...and they're fully "armed" and dangerous as they arrive in the home. I think the "sharp" part should not be kept with the base of the knife for safety purposes.

Not only that, I think people should be required to register to obtain a knife. Of course, they can only obtain a certificate to buy after undergoing a rigorous background check. Have they previously committed a knife crime? Have they ever been jailed? Have they thought about using a knife on a daily basis? These are the people who should NOT be allowed to own a knife.

Plus, we need to set a minimum age for knife-ownership. I say 21. Under that, it shall be illegal for anyone to own or possess a knife.

Do you doubt this is necessary? Think about how many people are killed yearly by a knife. I, MYSELF, have been injured in a knife accident. As a result, I feel I can personally speak on the dangers of knives. Not only that, I can think of at LEAST 10 people IN MY OWN FAMILY who have been threatened with, endangered, or actually injured by a knife; self-inflicted or otherwise. Folks, that doesn't even take into account the number of friends and acquaintances I know who have faced the same demise at the hands of a knife. Do this for me. Start to count yourself how many people YOU know who have been injured or had injury threatened by a knife; self-inflicted or otherwise. If you and I can BOTH think of THAT many people, then what does that say?

Do you really want something that causes such wide-spread danger to adults and be in nearly every (if not all) home(s) in America?

And don't even try to pull that Constitutional line on me. I know for a FACT that knives are NOT protected under the Constitution. I do NOT believe the 2nd amendment covers knives. Feel free to challenge me, but I've yet to see anyone successfully defend the right of Americans to own knives.

It's just so sad that it took a tragedy like this to make us all open our eyes to the dangers of knives.

Unbelievable. What kind of a world do we live in that would allow such a thing in every home?

Think of the children, people. Think of the children.

(You can chastise me later for even thinking about something like this at a time like this. Then again, why not? Is this not the cry we hear after every gun tragedy? And how many more "knife" tragedies do we have every year...many of them self-inflicted?)



Luke Holzmann said...

Well played.

Yep, people really want to help and stop bad things from happening. Too bad they don't think through the implications. It comes down to a fundamental difference of beliefs: The government will save us... or not.


Anonymous said...

How you going to chop your vegetables

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

If I don't eat my vegetables raw, then I will chop them with a stick.

Luke-How right you are! As you'll see in my blog post today, there are evidently people who think that the ONLY way to salvation and a "perfect" society is through government legislation. UUGH!

Anonymous said...

Here is a simple solution...Put your knives out of reach of your children. Seriously, pencil lead and knives. Aren't you a member of the NRA? Do you take your little ones to the gun range and hand them a 44? I thought conservatives were supposed to be the smart educated people. I'm assuming you were intending to invoke sarcasim in this post but why waste your time and the readers time with a post like this...It's trash!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Anonymous-I don't have much respect for those who don't bother showing their faces (or names) when they make comments such as yours.

Did I ever say I was a conservative? I don't recall doing so. It doesn't mean I'm not, but I've not said I am either.

Is everyone who owns a gun automatically a member of the NRA? Not to my last recollection.

Pencil lead? I don't recall EVER saying PENCIL LEAD was bad. I know that CPSIA demands pencils be tested for lead as of 2/10/09 despite being lead-free now.

Knives? I'm writing another blog right now as an addendum to my Knife Control blog. It will be published sometime in the next month or so once I've finished my research.

I've never even held a .44 myself so I'm not quite sure how I'd hand one to my children. I do everything within my power and with God's help to ensure that my children are safe including all necessary safety precautions for any dangerous items or people in this world.

Yes. This was a sarcastic post. For now. You'll see in my next blog regarding this subject why it may not be in the future.

As I've said before, I will never see it as "trash" to inform people of the potential dangers to their freedoms or rights under the Constitution of the United States.