Update on CPSIA

There's nothing I like more than having a blog all ready...and then finding out it's not necessary.

See I had this blog ready with links and everything about what one could do if they were concerned about CPSIA. It gave suggestions about how you could take action and even included direct links to help you do so should you desire.

Then, today, as if reading my future blogs, the Consumer Product Safety Commision (CPSC) sent me a news release regarding CPSIA (The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act for those unaware).

The purpose of the news release was to clarify what the CPSC expected of resellers in regards to the new law.

You can find a copy of the news release on their site here.

In short, it states that if a product is definitely known not to contain lead then they are free to sell that product without testing it first. (Such examples would be clothing and books.) However, it also reminds them that it will be illegal to sell products that contain over the allowed amount of lead. As a result, they should avoid certain categories of products to ensure they are only reselling products that fit within the required limits.

This clarification was needed as their previous releases clearly indicated that resellers would be at risk.

I am still considering posting my blog stating what to do if you're concerned about CPSIA, however. The reason is because this news release says nothing about the individual manufacturer selling products at sites like Etsy, Ebay, and at local craft fairs.

I'll consider it.

If you still want to see the information, post here or shoot me an e-mail.

Regardless, this is excellent news. It's not only one step in the right direction, but I believe it's evidence that we are being heard!


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