Will CPSIA affect YOU?

Chances are. Yes, but only if you are used to purchasing used items through thrift stores, consignment stores, garage/yard sales, and the like OR if you purchase new items from smaller retailers or individual(s).

If you typically purchase only new items from big manufacturers (i.e.-Target, Wal-Mart, etc), then you probably won't personally feel the effects of CPSIA immediately. However, the impact that CPSIA will have on our economy will likely eventually trickle down to you and your family to where, at the least, you will know someone personally affected.

Me? We'll be affected in MULTIPLE ways. First, I'm an Ebay seller of used goods. I also trade through Paperback Swap. Plus, we buy nearly all of our clothes from local thrift or consignment stores. The majority of the remaining clothes come from a local, smaller retailer, Hannah Andersson with purchases from individuals or Target rounding out the rest.

Thankfully, we're stocked on clothes for the next 2 years for the most part. I'm hoping that if CPSIA isn't amended that will give the market some time to pull back in "approved" used clothing before we need more. This is, of course, provided that my children grow exactly on schedule with my clothes. (Because children often do exactly as you expect them to when they're growing.)

Our toys are purchased primarily on clearance from Target, but several are also purchased through Ebay, Paperback Swap, and from our local thrift stores so we'll see somewhat of a hit there.

We purchase the majority of our curriculum used. Any Abeka, Alpha Omega, and a good portion of our Sonlight is purchased through our local thrift store or at major book sales held in the Spring, Summer, and Fall in our area. I'm hoping that Sonlight's new stuff won't be affected by this law, or we'll even feel the hit there.

I pray, and hope that CPSIA is amended...and QUICK! February 10th is only a heartbeat away. It will be here before you know it...and when it's here, I fear we'll all know before too long the true impact of this "protection" bill.

My opinion of CPSIA? It's a joke. It wasn't created to save any children from anything. If they really intended to do that, then they'd have targeted manufacturers having their goods made overseas...where we've seen the bulk of the problem and not unwittingly designed it to hit home...at one of the absolute worst times. Then again, is there ever a good time to hear that the US government is single-handedly taking out the used and homemade market along with small businesses already fighting to survive in this economy?

I didn't think so either.

For those not familiar with CPSIA, it is a new law passed by Congress and approved by our president last August (2008). CPSIA states that all items that might be used for a child 12yrs of age or younger must go through extensive and expensive testing for lead and phthalates.

Okay. Sounds good. What's the big deal? ("WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL?!?!?!", I scream!) Let me patiently and kindly explain it to you.

The "big deal" is that on February 10th, anything that has yet to undergo this testing is automatically declared, "hazadarous". NOTHING is "grandfathered". Not any product that would never contain either of these chemicals. Not anything that has been around for 10years. Not anything that has undergone another type of testing for these chemicals. Nothing.

What that means is that thrift stores, consignment stores, and individual sellers on places like Etsy, Ebay, and traders on Paperback Swap will have to THROW AWAY all of their inventory. Inventory that was safe to sell on February 9th, will be illegal on February 10th.

There is no word yet on whether the government will crack down on yard/garage sales as well, but many will refrain for fear of government punnishment because technically anything they are selling that has not been tested under this legislation will be hazadarous. That means it will technically be illegal to sell it.

Can you give it to a friend, family member, or neighbor? No one knows the "official" word on this yet.

Will CPSIA affect you? Chances are yes. Even if you think it won't.



Margo said...

Hi Amy, Thanks for the info. Do you by any chance have a link to concise info on CPSIA?

Luke Holzmann said...

I really hope this law gets revised quickly and does not affect homeschoolers. It is ridiculous and needs to be cleaned up.

The government has put together a bit about CPSIA... but everything is rather vague and unhelpful because that is how the law is.


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Margo-Sorry for the slow response.

Yes, there are several links I have regarding CPSIA. I got your e-mail from your blog. I'll send you an e-mail there.

Luke-I, too, hope it gets revised soon. There are many people working daily to try and make that happen.