No More Secrecy?

Is there ONE…JUST ONE righteous politician out there? Is there not ONE person who says what he means and means what he says? Just one? JUST ONE? I don’t think I really want the answer to that question. Then again, I think I already know it.

I know there are some good people. There are people like Ron Paul who are standing up for our Constitution. There are people like Rick Santelli who are CRYING out for change! And I mean real change not politician speak for “change”. Which is all just a load of crap. Sorry. I’m tired of playing games. Let’s call a spade a spade. Let’s call things what they are. Let’s call politicians that are bold-faced liars…BOLD-FACED LIARS!!! Let’s call “campaign rhetoric” what IT is too…IT’S LYING President Obama!!!!! If you SAY one thing and then DO another then you have L.I.E.D. Even my 6yr old has that concept down. As do most 3yr olds I know.

That doesn’t just go for this administration, though. George W. Bush did a WHOLE lot to mess up our country. I am NOT partial. I will (and have) called ANYONE out! I don’t care WHO you are!

I want politicians who will read the Constitution and STAUNCHLY defend it!!! I fear there are too few people who are familiar with that document these days. Unfortunately, I think most politicians have read the Constitution about as many times as they have read the latest stimulus bill. If they HAVE read it, they’re sure not showing it by their actions. (Or lack thereof!)

Why my outrage? (Today that is.) It's because of this video from a speech President Obama gave on June 22, 2007.

Tell me, Mr. Obama how it is that we will have an “open and transparent” government that “makes sure that YOUR business is the people’s business” and is free and clear of pork when we are passing bills that are NOTHING BUT PORK????? I hear so many pigs oinking every time that 1100 page stimulus bill is picked up that it makes me want to serve every American free breakfast at Denny’s again. There’s enough bacon there to make that happen & then some.

There is NOTHING open & transparent (nor pork-free) about an administration that THREATENS Congressmen & women if they do not QUICKLY and WITHOUT READING pass an ELEVEN-HUNDRED page bill!!!

And FIVE days? For the PEOPLE to read it? How about allowing those whom we have sent to represent us in Congress read it first? Would THAT be too much to ask, Mr. Obama?

If you’re going to be like every other politician…or worse…attempt to turn our country into a socialist state without anyone looking or really knowing what’s happening, just be upfront with us. Just say, “Hey, I’m not better than any other candidate that has ever run for president. I won’t do anything I say I will. The only changing I’ll do while I’m in office is my underwear. I’ll lie, I’ll try to slip things in under the radar, I’ll bully people, and I’ll pay people off as a thanks for supporting me via needless spending in the form of pork thrown into bills.” I might have actually voted for you then. Just as a show of thanks for your honesty.



Anonymous said...

I haven't read too many of your posts because honestly I don't have the slightest desire to read about things that are irrelevant to most and so whacko that I cringe for your childrens lack of exposure to the real world. However, I read this post/rant in it's entirety. I'm curious though do you hate living your life trashing every political leader. Hell you were trashing President Obama about the security level in DC on Jan 20th, seriously is it ever going to turn to words of support or even "wisdom" or are just not capable of such actions. I'm guessing not considering you just stood behind Ron Paul whose is the same man that ran his campaign by putting graffiti on gov't property.I'm not asking you to agree with policy but just stop with the ridiculous attacks.

I guess there are two of you "Who hope Obama fails"

Freakin Ridiculous!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Anonymous-I don't have much respect for those who don't bother showing their faces (or names) when they make comments such as yours. I encourage everyone to stand behind their thoughts and beliefs no matter how unpopular they may be. I would encourage you to do the same.

I would also encourage you to read my blog. If you did, you would see that my blog is anything BUT irrelevant to most. There is nothing irrelevant nor wacko about standing up for our Constitution. The Constitution is relevant to each and every American, whether they acknowledge it or not. Likewise, honesty is a something that most Americans value; especially in those whom they have elected to represent them.

I thank you for your deep concern for my children. I can assure you, however, that my children are very much exposed to the real world.

I do thank you also for taking the time to read this post. I don’t believe I’ve trashed every political leader. In fact, if you’ll re-read this post, you’ll see that I actually give kudos to some political leaders and even acknowledge that there are some good leaders. I do not apologize for ranting about someone saying one thing and then doing another. (Other people call this “lying”.)

Again, thank you for your deep concern regarding my thoughts about my life. No. I do not hate my life.

I never “trashed” President Obama for his level of security. I blogged (as many moms did) about the serious lack of planning in announcing their VERY strict restrictions WELL after most had already made reservations and plans and could not re-coup their money. These restrictions were FAR above and beyond what ANY other president has EVER had for an inauguration.

I am VERY much capable of providing words of support for those who are worthy of such support. I have provided many words of wisdom (from my experience, of course) on several topics on my blog. Again, I would encourage you to read further and you would know this.

I know nothing of graffiti put on government property. You’ll have to enlighten me. My words of support for Ron Paul were regarding his recent support of our Constitution in light of the attempt to take away our rights by this new Congress.

If I were making “ridiculous attacks” then perhaps I could be convinced to stop them. However, as you’ll see from reading my post, I was simply calling President Obama out for having lied; for having been no different than any other politician despite continual promises to bring change.

I don’t recall EVER saying that I “hope Obama fails”. In fact, I’ve NEVER said such a thing. And I wouldn’t. I would NEVER wish failure on one of our Presidents because if they fail, then we, as a country, fail.

I do know that there are several who do not support the actions of the president so far. However, there is a HUGE difference in not supporting someone’s actions and in wishing them to fail.

I would encourage you to stop and think the next time you respond to a blog post. I would encourage you to evaluate your intended response and see if what you’re saying is actually the truth or if you’re just mad that they’re not wholeheartedly supporting the person whom you support.

There is nothing wrong with someone expressing frustration with an action, a policy, a law, or a politician respectfully. We DO still have free speech in this country. I intend to exercise my right to free speech for the rest of my life. I will do so respectfully and without apology.

Have a good day anonymous, and thank you for visiting my blog.

Stephanie Kirsten Buckley said...

Hi its awesome you have the passion for defending our constitution like me. I wasnt always for obama but now I do believe he is an honest politician (wow did I just say that?) and I just want to stick up a bit for him since he is inheriting all this bull. But not to create division but just devils advocate, also because the best course for us will be unification not division. We can fix this country grassroots with positive language and working together! The leaders will begin to follow our example as we release ourselves from greed and hostility. Its not about trickle down, its about building up. The people we raise up can only be as good as our own selves, as citizens we are the foundation. No doubt the nation are now waking up to see we are being "used and abused" by vested-interest administration (goes back deeper than W even) and the best thing now is to "be the change we want" and keep strong faith for a recovery. Recovery wont happen any One way it will happen in a million little ways as people get back to work, and think more critically next time about who, or what, they are promoting, byway of their lifestyle. Thanks for the inspirational post. I hope you will start to see the things that will lift you up and someday you and more of us will take pride again in our leadership.

Anonymous said...

Do you have to CAPITALIZE every other word to make a point? It gets so freaking ANNOYING!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Anonymous- Yes. I do. I'm so sorry that it bothers you.

And may I add: I don't have much respect for those who don't bother showing their faces (or names) when they make comments such as yours. I encourage everyone to stand behind their thoughts and beliefs no matter how unpopular they may be. I would encourage you to do the same.


Anonymous said...

You are a wise woman and a great American. There are too many politicians out there who are out for their own personal gain. You are not the only one who sees it and those who don't, might want to hit the history books to figure out why America desired to be independant of the English rule that fostered a government drunk on it's own power.

-Not anonymous but a fellow CM mom