Swine Flu Consipracy

Fine. You twisted my arm. You want to talk about the swine flu? Okay! You got it!

However, I must warn you that you very well might not like what I have to say.


Because, folks…wow. I can’t believe I’m actually going to admit this. Alright. Here it goes. I am now, officially, a conspiracy theorist. I never considered myself much of one before now. This, though. This did it.

I am truly saddened by what I see. What’s even sadder, though, is that the conspiracy is SO blazingly obvious…yet many cover their heads refusing to see the truth.

Can YOU handle it?

First let me give you a few facts. Perhaps you can put the pieces together from there. No? We’ll see.

Recently, Walgreens began spreading rumors about ending their rebate program and easy saver rebate books. The rebate program, complete with an extra 10% back if you take your rebate on a gift card and the easy saver book replete with dozens of fantastic store coupons were relied upon by Walgreen’s shoppers across the nation. When the news was announced, shoppers became outraged.

Fearing the further backlash from consumers, Walgreens KNEW they had to do something. What, though? It had to be big enough to distract the people from their actions yet somehow bring money into their stores as well. The big wigs at Walgreens thought perhaps an illness would kill both birds with one stone…so-to-speak, of course. Avian flu? No. Too obvious. People are expecting that. Cow flu? No. Never been done before. Then, they came up with the genius idea to re-introduce the swine flu. Not only would it distract people, but they would get money as scripts were filled for anti-virals such as Tamiflu. GENIUS!

See. I told you it was obvious. HOW can people turn their heads? I would like to officially put Walgreens on notice: I am not fooled! I know what you are doing and I am NOT happy! If you hope to keep us happy during and after this change perhaps you should take a cue from CVS. At the VERY least make your register rewards good for a full month after receipt. Please?

(Potential Legal Note: I mean absolutely NO disrespect towards those who have contracted the swine flu nor those who have lost their lives from it. We are praying for the friends and family of those lost as well as those currently battling the illness. And no, I do not really think that Walgreens caused the swine flu. It was in jest. I promise. I’m of the belief that if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry…so I laugh. Because I can.)



NightAire said...

ROTFL... I LOVE this!!! Walgreens conspiracy FAIL! :-)

Bill said...

Amy, I think that the US spread this Virus in Mexico to thin out the population so we can take over their country and OIL eaiser. What do you thing of this idea!!!!!

Love Dad

Amy L. said...

I'm with Bill it's definitely a conspiracy! : )

The Conservative Homeschooler said...

Shhh...don't tell Biden that..He is telling his family to avoid planes, trains and automobiles so they won't catch the peasent,er, now politically incorrect swine flu (don't tell Ms.Piggy that)..guess he forget to add bikes and motorcylcles and boats

Seroiusly have to read this leaves one with, talk about a rock and a dumb place.