Tea Party Report

My husband attended the Tea Party in Hudsonville this afternoon. He said there were hundreds in attendance. While there, a homeschooling family spoke as did a new Michigan state representative. He got audio from several people and interviewed the state representative. He also got pictures. I’ll share them later.

The kids and I are joining my husband tonight at the Grand Rapids tea party from 5-6:30 across from the Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids. We’ll get more pics and audio and post them here tonight or tomorrow morning.

A local tea party in Holland should be wrapping up right about now.

Did you go to a tea party? Where? What was your experience? I’d love to hear what you have to say. E-mail me, post a comment here, or give us a link to your blog if you talk about it there.



Meg said...

Like I said yesterday, I didn't go to the tea party because I felt a little hypocritical for protesting government leader who don't read bills, when I don't either. That, and the Tulsa tea parties were all regarding the city of Tulsa and we don't live there. However, a friend went and he loved it. He's in the military with my husband and highly suggested we go next time.

What were your thoughts of the tea party?

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Honestly, Meg, I was a little disappointed.

I felt like Fox News had co-opted the event and made it an "anti-Obama" & "anti-left" event which is not at all what the protest started out being about.

I think if I go again (on July 4th), I'll do so only armed with handouts talking about what the Libertarians and other 3rd party people STARTED the protests about in the first place.

This isn't about right or left. This didn't start with Obama and likely won't end with him. If we are not united in that, then our cause won't stand! It will just become another left vs. right partisan fight.


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Also, I had friends at the Tulsa party who sent me pics. While I was glad to see people there speaking out and using their voice, I was disappointed that they didn't understand the initial message that caused the call to action.


Meg said...

Yeah that's why I was hesitant to go. It had all skyrocketed into something that had nothing to do with the initial cause.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Exactly, Meg. Exactly!