I'm Pro-Choice AND Pro-Life

(Huh? What? You can't be on both sides of the fence at once! Are you crazy? I thought you were a Christian.)

No. I'm not crazy. Yes. I am a Christian. And I'm NOT on both sides of the fence!

(But. You said.) Yeah. I know what I said. I said that I am pro-choice AND pro-life. And I am.

I believe that life begins at conception. I believe that every human being is given the God-given right to life. It is irrelevant to me whether you agree with me or not. I believe life begins at conception. I believe EVERY human (regardless of age) deserves the right to that life. There is nothing anyone will say that can ever convince me otherwise. said you were pro-choice too?


I believe every man and woman deserves the choice to help determine their future. I also believe, however, that once someone has made a choice, they cannot then decide to take away the choice of another because they don't like the outcome of their choice.

My point?

Every man and every woman makes a CHOICE to have sex. THAT is the pro-choice I believe in. Once they have made that choice, however, they cannot then decide to take away the right to life and freedom of choice from another human being just because they don't like the outcome of the choice they made. Their choice ends where another life begins. Once that other life has begun, then that life deserves the freedom of choice and right to life just as was given the person who chose to create him/her.

Yeah. I know rapes occur. You don't need to tell me that. I am addressing here only those who have chosen to be involved in actions that they knew could create a life. However, since we're on the subject, I will address it. I believe rape is awful. It is nothing anyone should ever go through in their lives. However, despite how horrible it is, it doesn't take away from the life that might be created. I realize it is awful and horrid for someone to go through an entire pregnancy after a rape. However, that child deserves life just as any other person. Adoption is always an option.

I believe abortion is murder; regardless of the circumstances under which the child was created.

I know many strongly disagree with me on this. That's okay. They have that right. I've never been one to aim for pleasing everyone. Never could even if I tried anyway.

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all in the family said...

TOTALLY agree with you Amy! I guess when you put it that way, I am pro-life AND Pro-choice. Unfortunately, I get to see the other side of rape like I never have before. My cousin was raped and is now facing adoption but abortion was NEVER EVER an option. She just knew that God's plan was to give a child to a family that couldn't have one. She may even come and live with us ;o) So I will get to see it first hand, all the way to the birth room....