Must. Spend. $1.5 Trillion. Today.

How on God's green earth can our Congress be trying to RUSH spending $1.5 TRILLION...AGAIN???!!??

Perhaps it's because it's not THEIR money they're spending?

Here's a thought, boys and girls. Let's stop for a minute. Or even slow down.

Here's another thought. I know, it's probably crazy, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Let's, just for fun, actually R.E.A.D. a multi-TRILLION dollar bill BEFORE we pass it. Crazy. I know. I really should get off whatever it is I'm apparently smoking.

And before someone ELSE cries "CRAZY REPUBLICAN" to me. (The only insult greater would be calling me a "Crazy Democrat".) May I please remind you that the Republicans have also pulled this kind of crap. And I screamed about it JUST as much then too! So save your time and write your representatives with your whining instead of me. 'Cause if you're just going to scream right/left, republican/democrat, conservative/liberal, then I'll exercise my right to hit "delete". Come back and talk to me when you know there's more to it than that. THEN we'll have something to talk about!

The cold, hard truth is that they don't care what party they're from. They just want their agenda pushed through. NOW! And preferably before any of us has had the time to actually read and protest what they are trying to push through. They'd rather we see it after it's too late to do anything about it. And I don't know about you, but that's NOT okay with me!

Transparency, Obama? Transparency? THIS is what you call "transparency"? No thanks. I'll pass.

Rushing yet ANOTHER multi-TRILLION dollar bill through without giving those who will be voting on it time to read it let alone those who will actually be affected by and will pay for said bill is a travesty close to treason. In fact, I cannot think of a greater act of treason in the United States than undermining EVERYTHING this country was founded upon by taxing us without actual representation. And before someone cries, "We HAVE Representatives". Yes. We do. In name. When those same representatives, however, vote for bills AGAINST the will of the people, then they are no longer acting on behalf of the people, but for their own interests and desires. THAT, my friends, is NOT actual representation.

Back to health care. If healthcare is such an important issue, then why try to push it through in a couple weeks time? Why not extend the session? (You know, NOT take vacation?) If it's THAT important, then might it warrant NOT going on break in August? We wouldn't want what's best for the people to suffer JUST because you didn't want to miss your vacation now, would we?

My point, folks, is that their intention is NOT to do what's best for the people. Their intention is to pass through legislation that will furthur THEIR agenda, but also not to miss vacation.

Which is more important? Frankly, I'm not sure. Their agenda DOES rank pretty high, but then again so does their vacation. The priority of their vacation is evidenced by the fact that they're not about to let petty things like reading a multi-TRILLION dollar bill BEFORE they pass it get in the way of their having said vacation.

The will of the people? The same people whom they purport to represent? Ah. Will, smill. Whatever. Get out of the way please so we can pass our agenda...and then get on with our vacations. Don't pester us with what YOU want. Really! You think we have time for THAT? HA!


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Cynthia said...

It is irritating to say the least! They should put a few of us moms who have successfully managed a family budget for a significant amount of time in charge!