The HealthCare Debate

I have had several people inquire about the health care bill currently pending in Congress. Honestly, it's changing so drastically daily that it's really hard to keep up with it right now. The good news is that it won't go for a house vote until September.

Hopefully, things will have died down enough before the vote that I'll get to look at something that's not changing every hour! There I go daydreaming again. That's like saying every Congressman and woman will read the bill before it's voted on; or even have the opportunity to for that matter. HA!

I'm referring above to the main legislation currently before the House, HR 3200. You should be aware, however, that there are currently several bills pending before both houses of Congress that relate to health care in some form or fashion.

You can see some vital information on what the Senate bill could mean at the Open Congress blog.

You can find the entire text of HR 3200 at Open Congress as well.

Some of the other bills currently before Congress that relate to health care are HR 676, S 239, S 179, S 1572, S 243, S 423, and HR 1016; just to name a few. Look them over to know what our Congressmen and women are considering for our future.

Above all, I would like to encourage everyone to contact their Senators and Representatives. Tell them how you feel. Do you want one of these bills to go through? Do you not? LET THEM KNOW! I know they have flat out ignored their constitutents in the past. We can't give up, though. We have to keep trying. Right now, that means staying in constant contact with them. If you hear that they have had another change to the legislation (as in daily), then send your Senators and Representatives another e-mail or give them another call to let them know that you still do or don't support that issue.

If nothing else, let them know that you DEMAND that they read each and every piece of legislation before they vote on it. We deserve that much!


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