"Flu-like Symptoms" Does NOT Equal Swine Flu!

Stories like this just irritate me. Here's where it's REALLY important to read throughly.

Note that they are NOT saying 2,000 students at Washington State University actually have swine flu. They are saying that 2,000 students have SYMPTOMS that COULD be swine flu.

Those symptoms could also be a cold, allergies, &/or seasonal flu.

Why haven't they heard from this many students in the past? Perhaps it's because they haven't been fear-mongering in past years leading students to report every sneeze and sniffle as possible swine-flu. Perhaps students used common sense in the past & said, "Every fall when the seasons start changing I have allergies. Perhaps I am having allergy issues again." Perhaps.

Wonder when the WHO, politicians, and the CDC will start utilizing common sense...

I know. There I go day-dreaming again.


Kathleen McDade said...

I had the same thought while watching this item on the local news (the university is in our region). They don't even actually confirm whether the cases are H1N1 or not. It may indeed be more people sick than they are used to -- I don't doubt that. But it isn't necessarily all H1N1.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Since the CDC said that ALL people with flu-like symptoms are to be considered as having swine flu (even if they ACTUALLY have a cold or allergies), I have a feeling we'll be hearing a LOT of stories like this in the coming days!

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

We're gonna be hearing it for months. Totally insane. IT"S THE FLU!!! Get a grip people. They're totally blowing it out of proportion