"It Ain't America No More"

I hate to sound like a broken record or a political pundit here, but... (You know how they always say to ignore whatever came before the "but" because it doesn't really matter. Good. We're on the same page now.)

Apparently, according to an officer in Fairfax, VA, this "Ain't America no more". Thanks, chief! Glad to know YOUR thoughts on the matter.

I would assume prevailing thoughts like that are the very reason we have people being harrassed for refusing unconstitutional searches at public venues, why we have people being arrested for simply questioning the TSA at airports (as in ASKING a question!), and why we have people being told to put away their legally-obtained, owned, & carried weapons and SIGNS at PUBLIC events on PUBLIC grounds!

Until people get it through their heads that someone who disagrees with you STILL HAS ALL OF THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS...even if you don't agree with them, this country will continue its sharp fall into fascism.

How many times are people going to say, "It can't happen here. Not in America!" despite seeing evidence PROVING otherwise, before they wake up?

WAKE UP PEOPLE!! It's not about right or left! It's not about Republican or Democrat! It's not about Obama or Bush or any other ONE politician. It's about ALL of them, right & left, Republican & Democrat, Obama & Bush, utilizing the power they have to stomp all over our Constitutional rights!

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