More on Being Naked

Because. You know. I like to talk about that.

It's not that I want to be naked. It's more that I don't want to hear the hilarious laughter coming from people as they see me attempting to fit into clothes that no woman who weighs...ahem....3 kids more than I used to...should be wearing.

(You didn't really think I'd tell you how much I weigh did you?) I'll give you a hint. Sticking with my favorite theme, I weigh at least 129lbs.

You can stop laughing now.

No. Really.

So. Back to my naked butt at BlogHer. (And the number of people who will run screaming from the hotel as a result.)

Here's the problem. I have clothes. Plenty of them. I do NOT, however, have clothes that do not have some sort of food on them from some little being.

I am also cheap, and as such will not be running out to my nearest boutique to find new clothes just for BlogHer. (Not that any clothes from a place named "boutique" would fit me anyway.) I find I shop best at the, "There's No Way You Weigh JUST 129lbs and You're Fooling Yourself if You Think a Woman Weighs That Much After JUST 3 Kids" store.

Unfortunately, even at that store I find that they truly deal in the "big" woman. As in they think all women who weigh over 129lbs are also giants in the height department. Being barely 5ft tall myself means this can pose a problem. It's not pretty. Trust me.

This is why when I find something I like, I buy 5 of it. You might think I'm wearing the same thing every day. I can assure you, I'm not. I'm simply wearing my THIRD version of this outfit today. It's simply coincidence that this one has the same stains as the other two. It's a gift. Hey. It works. Talk to me after you have YOUR 3rd child. THEN, we'll see who's laughing...as you try to fit into your "skinny" jeans.

Look there is no skinny after 3 children. Your body does unmentionable things. As does nursing those 3 children. I'll stop right there, before the grotesque pictures become overwhelming. Let's just say that God didn't design certain things to touch your knees. Yet they do.

To solve my problem, I will hit up every thrift & consignment store within 100 miles during the next 3 weeks. I will weed out clothes that I and other mothers donated because they had so many stains no reasonable person would even think about wearing them again. I will try on the 3 that are left. Hopefully one of them will fit me and look reasonably decent.

I will also spend time shopping at Target (the only "real" store that has cheaper clothes that might fit me). There, I will weed out all of the clothes intended for women with the body of a 13yr old boy. I will try on the 2 that are left there.

Hopefully one of those 5 articles of clothing I'll try on will fit. If not, I'll be naked. And Lord help us all if that happens!



Naked at Blogher

I'm going to BlogHer in approximately 25 days (but who's counting?).

I have nothing to wear.

So I will be naked.

Lord help everyone there. (And any innocent bystanders in the city of Chicago.)

'Cause they're gonna need it if I don't find some clothes!



To My Husband


I love you. I really do. Today, we have been married for 12 years. Last year I said, "No matter what happens, I'm in your arms each night." That was a comfort to me then. It still is today.

You know where we've been. It has been a very hard, very long road. I wouldn't have wanted to go down it with anyone else. And I wouldn't have had my life any other way. I know that what we have been through and who we have become is because of where we have been in our lives. That doesn't always make it easier when we're going through the toughest times, but it helps us look back and find purpose. A comfort that those times weren't in vain; they helped us become who we are today.

You are an incredible father. Our children love you so much. I take such joy in knowing that our children know that they know that they know they are loved by you. Every girl wants to be Daddy's girl and every son wants to follow in his Daddy's footsteps. I praise God that my girls have what I never did. I thank God daily that my son has footsteps to follow in. Footsteps of a mighty man of God. A David who, though he might have fallen, still has his heart on God.

Last August was a turning point in our marriage. It was one of the toughest times in my life. I went through every emotion that a woman, a wife could go through. There were times when I didn't know what tomorrow held. But I knew it held you. As my husband. And that kept me going. Because I love you. You are the man God meant for me. You are my dream. Yes. I said that. And yes. I meant that.

You are a mighty man of God. You have such a heart for him. For me. For our children. I know you don't always believe that about yourself. It doesn't matter whether you believe it. It's still the truth. I see it. And others who love you see it. We see your heart. And we love your heart.

God has great plans for you. The Bible says, "He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it". He will complete it. He will complete us. We will be more than we ever thought we could by the grace and mercy of God. We never thought we'd be where we are today. We knew we'd be married, but we didn't know it could be this good. Not even a year ago. A year ago, I spoke in faith. Now, I speak from life. New life. Renewed life. And hope.

I know you will understand every word of this letter. Few will. That's okay. They just have to know that I love you. That I'm glad we got married 12 years ago. That I would marry you again today knowing what I know now. Knowing everything. I'd do it all again, but only if I could do it with you.

I speak with the heart of a wife who now knows the end. With the hope of a wife who can see a good future. "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future." That's us! God has plans for us. He has good plans for us. Plans to prosper us and not to harm us. I see those plans now. I see the good now. I have hope. I can see a future.

Thank you for marrying me 12 years ago. Thank you for loving me even when I know I don't deserve your love.

Thank you for believing in us and loving me enough to rebuild our marriage. I know it wasn't easy for you. I know it still isn't. I know the road will be a daily walk. For the rest of our lives. That's okay. I said it last August and I'll say it again, "I'm here. I'm still here."

And I'm not going anywhere.

Because I love you.

I will love you for the rest of my life.

-Your Wife


Husbands...and Mowing the Lawn

My husband was jumping for joy today. Our 10yr old ASKED if she could learn how to mow the law! Ecstatic doesn't even BEGIN to describe how he was feeling!

He gladly took her out there to teach her having visions of getting rid of this chore temporarily much sooner than he had initially thought (when our son was 10-12...he JUST turned 7).

Our daughter does a phenemonal job.

Then. We find the catch.

She seems to have learned that there are teens who go around mowing lawns for money. They get about $30/lawn.

She wanted her money.

Gary told her she'd get MAYBE $5...once she was actually doing ALL of it. IF she wanted to. (Nothing forced about it for her. He's got issues with women mowing the lawn. Has chastised me before for mowing the lawn. In love, of course. Because that's not a woman's job.)

All our daughter heard was that she could earn $5/week for mowing the lawn. That's $20-$25/mth. She's hooked. She plans to rake this fall.

Think we're going to stop her?

Nope. And neither are our neighbors. She's cheap!



The Modesty Survey

Let's talk modesty again, shall we? With a husband, a young son, and two growing girls, it's a favorite topic of mine.

Far too many girls think they can find their worth in what they wear (or what they don't wear; as the case may be). They seem to have garnered somewhere that who they are is defined by the clothes they wear. They also seem to have the gross misconception that they will only find a guy (you know...the one they want to marry) if they are dressed "hot" enough. Honey, if you're looking for a man by the way you dress, then you're not going to find the kind of guy who wants to MARRY you!

It's so hard to get past these pre-conceived notions. They're practically everywhere: TV, magazines, movies, the internet, books, billboards, and even on songs on the radio. It's literally everywhere. In the summer, it's at every neighborhood pool &/or beach!

What does this do? How are we, as women, and our daughters preceived by men when we dress modestly? What about when we don't?

Alex and Brett Harris, the younger brothers of Joshua Harris (I Kissed Dating Goodbye), created the "Rebelution". Through this site and its forums, they came up with the idea to do a modesty survey. They gathered questions from several hundred women and came up with a final 148 which they then presented to over 1600 guys over the course of 20 days.

This provides an overview of the survey and an explanation of how the questions were worded and answered. The final results can be found here. You can then search by swimsuit, etc. to find answers in a particular subject.

I commend these guys for providing this survey and making the results public!
How we dress really does affect those around us. It can often tell what's important to us. Granted, dressing modestly doesn't have to be out of style. You're prefectly capable of dressing modestly yet still being "in style".



The Struggle For Nouns

My husband and I have known each other for 14 years now and have been married for 12 of those. It has taken time, but for the most part he now understands my "verbage"...or serious lack thereof.

Here's a common conversation in our house:

Me: Honey, would you please hand me that thingy? (As I nonchantantly point to a nefarious "something" off in the distance "somewhere".)

DH: What "thingy"?

Me: The one over there, by the whatchamacallit...by the blue thing with the white stuff on it. (Again...pointing.)

DH: Where is it?

Me: Over THERE! (As I point quite adamantly in the general direction of where this thing is.)

DH: (Looking around at something in the general direction of where I'm pointing.) This? (As he picks up something random attempting to figure out what it is I am actually talking about.)

Me: Honey! Please? It's the by the blue thing...with the white stuff on it. UUGH! Why do nouns escape me when I have a migraine?

DH: Just when you have a migraine? (As he fakes a duck insinuating that I might throw something at him. Believe me. I'm tempted.) (He continues to randomly pick things up that are by the blue thing with the white stuff on it which he has, by now, identified. If only I could be so descriptive about what I actually am wanting.)

Me: Honey...You're RIGHT by it. To your right. That thingy. The green thing. There! That's it! Thank you! (As he tosses whatever "that" was over to me.)

DH: Sure. Why couldn't you just say WHAT it was?

Me: Why? Because I carried 3 of your children in my belly and the mere act of having them in my belly took away my brain which I have yet to get back.

DH: Laughs at me. (again)

When I say this is common, I'm not kidding. Thankfully, it's now an ongoing joke in our family. I figure as long as the family is laughing about it, then it can't be too bad. Right?

Please. Don't destroy my false perceptions.

I need them.

Just as badly as I need that "thingy" over "there" by that "whatchmacallit" with the "stuff" on it.



Editor's Note (Re: Mama's Got a Gun)

For worried family members, I thought I would clarify my current status as a gun owner (or not).

While I do staunchly support the rights of anyone to own a weapon and conceal such weapon per the 2nd Amendment, I do not currently own a handgun for my own personal use as a concealed carry weapon. Yes. I said handgun.

I do own a shotgun (okay...DH does) that he intends to use for hunting. I also have a FANTASTIC bbgun (okay...daughter does) that she doesn't use for hunting (unless you count used water bottles). :-)

Feel better, Nana & Gma & Gpa? Sorry. I should have warned you or posted this note BEFORE you began having nightmares of me "carrying" while out with our kids.

I am not saying that I will never own a handgun for my own personal use as a concealed carry weapon. I'm just saying I do not currently own one. I'll have my Kitchen Aid or Bosch mixer before I have that! So you can feel better for the time being.

I do own a mean can of mace that I carry on my purse, though. So dream away about THAT!



Mama's Got a Gun

On June 19th, Limalife posted an instructional video for moms who carry...guns and babies. She knew there would be some who would have a problem with it, but figured there'd be enough moms who needed the info to justify posting the video.

She herself has since said she had NO idea how much this video would blow up! It's become viral of sorts. I felt it only right to do my part and encourage that. (The viralness of the video, not the controversy.)
As I've said many times before, I am a STAUNCH supporter of the 2nd amendment. Gun permit? I have one...it's called the 2nd Amendment.

For those moms who are interested, the video is below. You can also find it on YouTube if you prefer to view it there.

I am aware that some of you reading my blog won't agree with this woman nor myself and our stance regarding the 2nd Amendment and the right of moms to carry...whether they have a baby or not. That's okay.

You have the right disagree, and as always, you're more than welcome to let me know of your disagreement either by commenting here or e-mailing me.



Happy Father's Day

First, in honor of Father's Day, I'd like to dedicate this post to my dad...who taught me that stealing from hotels isn't wrong...it's actually rather plush.

I'd also like to say Happy Father's Day to my other dad...the one who likes hurricanes...apparently. After having been through a Michigan version of one Friday night, I say you can keep them; thankyouverymuch.

And last (but most certainly NOT least), I'd like to say Happy Father's Day to my husband. He has given me three beautiful children (so far) who are the most precious blessings a mom could ever hope for. He's an incredible father who's well loved.

I know this is what you really want:

I can't give you that, but will this work?

Happy Father's Day, babe. I love you.

And thank you.



Are YOU Guilty?

I must confess. I am. It appears that I'm not alone.

While I'm not the high...um...class (can you use that word here?) theft that CNN mentions in this article, I do regularly take "disposable" items when we stay at hotels. We don't even usually use the hotel's "stuff". We'll use our own soap, shampoo, & lotion which is already opened & pack the hotel's for later use. Yes. I'm THAT cheap!

How do I justify my theivery? I figure these are items that they must replace after each guest anyway. If I wasn't taking it home to use later, I'd be opening it and using it while we were at the hotel which would mean they'd HAVE to throw it away. Does it really matter if I choose to wait and use the items at another time?

I was surprised yet relieved to hear one hotel manager say that they assume anything with their logo would be taken. Why the relief? No. I've not stolen any towels.

However, I had a favorite towel growing up. It had been taken my by dad (who shall remain nameless). I could be wrong, but based on the logo, I'm fairy certain it came from a Holiday Inn. While it was my favorite towel, I always felt a pang of guilt each time I used it...even though I hadn't been the one to...um..."borrow" it. Nevertheless, we...dare I say it? We actually prized this towel. Probably a little too much for something that had been stolen.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that we did not actually frame a towel. We're not THAT crazy...yet.)
I see my dad has amnesty in more than one place. In August 2003, Virginia Bush, senior public relations manager for the chain said that Holiday Inn founder Kemmons Williams intended for people to steal his towels. He saw it as a huge marketing opportunity. According to this article, people "stole" them to the tune of 560,000 a year. I know where at least 3 of them can be found.
Not only that, but Holiday Inn actually wrote a book titled, "About the Towels, We Forgive You: Absorbing Tales of Borrowed Towels".
I feel a new sense of relief now. I can safely tell myself that Holiday Inn intended for my dad to "accidentally" stuff that towel (& the other 2) into his suitcase.


(Note: No. I do not condone theft. I believe theft is wrong. However, based on this article, I will now no longer struggle over whether to have my dad sent to prison or not everytime I think about those plush towels.)



I for one am absolutely floored that a General would show such GRAVE disrespect as to call someone "Ma'am". Really! What was he thinking? Well. All I can say is thank GOODNESS Ms. Barbara Boxer (D, CA) was there to set him straight! Where would our world be without her?

Ms. Boxer. I would like to have a few words with you myself; if I may. Last time I checked, YOU hadn't worked hard for ANYTHING! You have been elected by the people of California to represent them in the United States Senate. It is an honor and a privilege for you to serve in the United States Senate. It is a title that the people of California choose to give you. You should wear that title recognizing that it could (and from what I've seen probably should) be stripped away from you when you come up for re-election.

Perhaps, ma'am, you should spend less time focusing on correcting and belittling others and more on what your constituents hired you to do!


Let's Talk About Sex.

If you're a family member like, oh...a grandparent or a mom (theoretically, of course) reading this blog, you might want to stop now. If you proceed from here, don't say I didn't warn you!

Picture, if you will, our 10yr old daughter. She's smart. Very bright. (Not that I'm biased or anything.)

She knows a good bit about the birds and the bees. You know. Sex.

She and I were talking today. She mentions us having a baby. And how she can't really think about that. Because then, she'd know we were having sex. And she just can't go there.

I explained to her that mommy's and daddy's don't just have sex to have a baby. They also do so as a way to express love to each other after they are married.

Here's a snippet of our conversation from there:

10yr old: "WHAT? They don't just do THAT to have a baby?"

Me: "No, sweetie. They don't."

10yr old: "Why on EARTH would anyone want to do THAT (she won't say the word) if they aren't trying to have a baby?! (She wasn't asking a question. She was making a BOLD statement.) That's just gross! Will my husband want me to do that even if we don't want a baby yet?"

Me: "Probably so, sweetie."

10yr old: "I'm just going to tell him that I don't want to do that unless we're trying to have a baby."

Me: "What if he's not okay with that?"

10yr old: "Then he's obviously not the man for me, mom!"

Me: "Obviously."

Yeah. Tell me that on your wedding day, sweetie. I could be wrong, but I have a sneaky feeling that your thoughts will be different at that time.

Regardless, your dad wanted me to record this conversation on my blog.

So that I could show it to you when you spoke of getting married. He's hoping you'll remember how "gross" it is, and decide not to do so.

Poor guy. I guess we'll let him keep having his delusions for a bit longer as well.



Do We Really Have a Right to Liberty?

Occasionally, I'll come across a blog post that inspires me. Usually, it's about a new resolution before Congress and is full of the rumors regarding what that bill does or doesn't contain. I'm inspired by that blog to find the truth, and will head to Open Congress to find it by reading the actual resolution myself.

Today, though, I was directed to a blog that was written so well, I find I can do no better than them. They're not saying anything profound, but rather posing profound questions. I'd encourage you to consider them.

My thanks to Veda at Purple Oak Politics for a well-written blog!
"Here’s a question:
Do we have a right to liberty?

Here is part of a quote (author will remain anonymous): '…I understand that people want liberties, but creating some national standards enforced by the Federal Government I think are necessary while others are handled better by the individual states…'

Here’s the question, do we merely want liberties? Are we to ask our government for liberties? Is it our governments place to decide on our liberties? Does the Constitution grant us liberty?

Or.. were we born with liberty? and if that is so, then is it justified for any governing body to interfere with, infringe upon or devalue that liberty? When you are born, who owns you?

…and finally, what does liberty actually mean? If it is different for everyone does that promote anarchy? Or does a society need to be regulated in order to ensure
proper behavior.

Is a society capable of moral and ethical behavior without a central governing body enforcing guidelines and providing a definition of said “moral behavior”?

Do the vast majority of people need herding (as sheeple) in order to do the 'right' thing? And who defines what is 'right?'

What say ye?"
What say I? That sometimes it's only in posing the right questions that we find the right answers.

Your thoughts?



Will We REALLY Audit the Fed? HR 1207

I have a breaking news update!!!! I just heard that HR 1207 will be going to the house floor!!!

My usual source of confirmation, Open Congress, has yet to show the status move. However, according to their Twitter, they do have the information and are working on updating it as quickly as they can.

A resolution can find its way out of committee and onto the house floor in one of two ways. The committee can vote for it to be pushed on to the floor, or the bill can get enough co-sponsors that it passes a majority and therefore is automatically put to a house vote.

Today, HR 1207 which is a duplicate of a resolution Ron Paul has proposed for FIVE years in a row reached 222 co-sponsors surpassing the needed 218 and will, therefore, be going to the house floor for a vote!!!!

Praise God! This is definitely a step in the right direction!

We have an incredible opportunity here! For those who are unfamiliar with HR 1207, it is a resolution that will require a full audit of the Federal Reserve.

You can read the press release on Ron Paul's site here. The Campaign for Liberty lists the new co-sponsors here.


My 10 Year Old Adult

And that would be MY daughter!

The one who has my stubborn, hard-headedness. (We're so bad, we are both stubborn AND hard-headed.)

She's quite independent, thankyouverymuch! (Even more so now that she's in the double-digits.)

She doesn't need or want anyone else to tell her what to do. Nope. She can control things just fine!

I am well aware that our greatest weaknesses can also be our greatest strengths. Getting them to actually be that when you are the exact same way as your daughter...can be a bit of a challenge.

Lord, I ask you to please give me the strength I need to NOT be so hard-headed and to remember that her weakness IS a good thing and is also her strength. Help me to remember that I struggled just as she is now, and still do so even today. Help her to see that this can be one of her greatest strengths, if she will surrender it to you and your will. Show her as you often remind me that being in control is just a false security. We have no control. Everything is in Your hands.

I know the struggle to be selfish when you're strong-willed and like to be in control. I know oh so well the desire to control everyone and everything around you. After all if you're in control, then what can go wrong? Go ahead. Laugh. I often laugh at myself when I see my attempts at control gone sorely astray. Like, for instance, my attempt to keep my 10yr old in line...HA! Like I have a chance!

My prayer for her is that she will surrender her will and her life to Christ. I pray that she will come to know Him more closely than I could ever imagine. Then, and only then, will her weaknesses become her strengths. Only then can they be used by God.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, we're having some struggles with our 10yr old right now. She's not running off the deep end or anything; she just thinks she knows better than us. Because she's 10. And she's smart. And she just DOES. (Know better than us, that is.) Plus, she figures with HER in control, nothing can go wrong. And oh have I been there before!



Just Call Me, "Mommy, DDS"

...The Tooth Pulling Mama!

'Cause that would be me now. Despite my fear of pulling teeth. After all, it's like...um...pulling teeth. Sorry. I know it was bad.

My son's tooth was literally hanging and I had no choice. If I'd had a choice, I'd have done anything else.

My incredibly supportive, wonderful husband...laughed at me. He doesn't understand how I can be a nurse and do the things I have done as a nurse yet be squeamish about pulling a tooth. I wanted to be a doctor, and had looked at being a surgeon. I LOVED the cadevar lab. The thought of cutting someone open, or sewing them back together; it doesn't scare me.

Pulling a tooth? That's another story.

No. It's not logical. Neither is my fear of spiders. That's why they're called phobias, people! No rational thought ever goes into any irrational fear! And I'm okay with that.

And just as I have had to kill spiders despite my incredible fear of them, today I had to pull a tooth. It was either that, or send him to the neighbor...who's afraid of blood. That wouldn't have been any better. Plus I'm his mom. So I did it, I pulled the tooth that was hanging by a thread.

And just for you, I made him wait long enough for me to get a picture first. You can thank me later. After you lose your lunch.
For those wondering, the dark stuff on his tooth in the first picture is blood. That's correct. I told my son to stand still and hold his mouth open so I could take a picture as blood poured from his mouth.

It'll give him something to tell a therapist when he's 30.



I'm Pro-Choice AND Pro-Life

(Huh? What? You can't be on both sides of the fence at once! Are you crazy? I thought you were a Christian.)

No. I'm not crazy. Yes. I am a Christian. And I'm NOT on both sides of the fence!

(But. You said.) Yeah. I know what I said. I said that I am pro-choice AND pro-life. And I am.

I believe that life begins at conception. I believe that every human being is given the God-given right to life. It is irrelevant to me whether you agree with me or not. I believe life begins at conception. I believe EVERY human (regardless of age) deserves the right to that life. There is nothing anyone will say that can ever convince me otherwise.

But...you said you were pro-choice too?


I believe every man and woman deserves the choice to help determine their future. I also believe, however, that once someone has made a choice, they cannot then decide to take away the choice of another because they don't like the outcome of their choice.

My point?

Every man and every woman makes a CHOICE to have sex. THAT is the pro-choice I believe in. Once they have made that choice, however, they cannot then decide to take away the right to life and freedom of choice from another human being just because they don't like the outcome of the choice they made. Their choice ends where another life begins. Once that other life has begun, then that life deserves the freedom of choice and right to life just as was given the person who chose to create him/her.

Yeah. I know rapes occur. You don't need to tell me that. I am addressing here only those who have chosen to be involved in actions that they knew could create a life. However, since we're on the subject, Iwill address it. I believe rape is awful. It is nothing anyone should ever go through in their lives. However, despite how horrible it is, it doesn't take away from the life that might be created. I realize it is awful and horrid for someone to go through an entire pregnancy after a rape. However, that child deserves life just as any other person. Adoption is always an option.

I believe abortion is murder; regardless of the circumstances under which the child was created.

I know many strongly disagree with me on this. That's okay. They have that right. I've never been one to aim for pleasing everyone. Never could even if I tried anyway.


Sweet Dreams

My children LOVE going on vacation.
Even more, though, they love sleeping in the hotel.

All in one bed. They wouldn't have it any other way.

Despite appearances, they sleep quite comfortably when away from home.
Not a THING is going to wake these children.

Aren't they precious?



The Sand Pool

If you've known me for long on Twitter, Facebook, or my old blog site, then you've heard me mention the "sand pool" more than a time or two.

It's easy to tell someone that our "sand pool" is just that: A pool...filled with sand. It just doesn't quite sink in, though, until you see it first-hand. It's at that point that you realize I'm not talking about a tiny kid's pool filled with sand. I'm talking about a giant, L-shaped pool that is 12 feet deep at it's deepest point, and is filled with sand.

It has taken us 2 summers to get this "pool" to where it is today. When we first acquired it, it was full of not only sand and rocks, but weeds...and LOTS of them! The weeds, combined with many, many sprouts of maple trees (thanks to "helicopter" seeds that are in over-abundance here) left this "pool" anything but fertile for growing anything "normal".

With the kind help of a neighbor and many new tools I didn't even know existed, we pulled, we dug, we plowed, we made it look pretty. After doing so for two summers, we have finally seen the fruits of our labor. This year, we had very little of the weeds and maple. We were finally just dealing with a sand pool with some rocks on the top.

What next? We really wanted a garden, but the entire rest of the back "yard" was concrete. Literally. All of it.

That left us a couple of flower beds and some pots in the front yard to grow in. The local rabbits would have been quite pleased had we chosen this option. (We did use pots for some snow peas and carrots and a show-down with the rabbits about left us having rabbit stew for dinner!)

After much research over two years, we decided to build a square foot garden...ON the sand pool!

I've got tons of pictures and fantastic fruits, veggies, berries, and herbs growing.

For now, have a look at what we started with (Ignore the green on the sides. The houses on either side of us BOTH went into foreclosure. To say there is overgrowth is an understatement. I've done all I can on my side. I'll be going over to the other side to try and fix the problem spots within the next couple of weeks.) Enjoy!



My Sweet Boy


My sweet boy. You're so precious. I smile every time I think about my blondie. I know you just wish your hair was like everyone else's in the family, but I love your blonde hair. Even though you can't see past today, I know that someday that blonde bob will be gone. And then you will be like everyone else; except you'll still be my sweet boy.

I love you so much. Thanks for cuddling with me every morning. I so look forward to that.

I can't believe you're 7 today! You're such a big boy now!

I'll never forget the first time you proposed to me. You were so disappointed to hear that I was already married...to your daddy! Still, even at 3, you weren't deterred. You contintued to ask hoping that someday my answer would change. Just to try and convince me furthur, you frequently told me how beautiful I was. You still do. There's nothing more precious.

You have such an incredible, sweet heart. You are so giving and loving, and such a young gentleman. You try so hard to do what's right.

You are my monkey. I mean that in the best way possible. You love to jump, climb, roll, and move in any way you can! I love my monkey, and I wouldn't have you any other way!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy. Mama loves you. Think I'll go hold you now. Before you're too big.




Yes. Me. I have been wordless. Migraines, sick kids, and life tend to do that sometimes. Hey. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Still, we got a LOT accomplished this week. Our garden is now largely transplanted. That's HUGE! We were doing square foot gardening for the first time ever. I've got pics that I'll show you soon. I learned how to pearl in knitting. (I think that's what it's called.) And I now have my brand-spanking new Blackberry!! (Which I played with while the kids did school this morning.)

I have a couple of blogs in the works. I've been researching, digging, and looking for more info on the couple in California that has been threatened because of their home Bible study. If you have any info that's not readily out there, please forward it to me. I'm also looking into H.R. 1966. I've heard the rumors and I'm working on breaking it apart to confirm which (if any) are valid concerns.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with precious pics of my two youngest holding a friend's new baby.