School Watches Kids on WebCams

I am sickened. Literally sick to my stomach. I'd say that this is one of the many reasons we homeschool, but that's not even right here.

EVERY person, EVERY student, EVERY child has the right to privacy. NO person, NO student, NO child should have their trust violated by a school! I homeschool my children, but I want to know that their future spouses, friends, & relatives who may not are in as safe and secure an environment as possible.

I am...speechless.

According to the AP article, "A school in suburban Philadelphia prides itself on being ahead in technology. It prides itself on being able to give each of its 2,300 students their own laptop computer." No one thought for a minute that these school officials would attempt to violate the trust, privacy, and very lives of EVERY. SINGLE. STUDENT. NO ONE suspected they would attempt to remotely watch the students as the laptops sat in their bedrooms. I won't even say anything else. That, sadly, says enough.

The Lower Merion School District apparently thinks it okay to record students & their families without their permission and then to remotely access said recordings without the permission of those students or their families. The opportunity for impropriety here is unbelievably high. It sickens me.

A lawsuit has been filed by a student & his family. They are hoping to make it a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of every student.

The school district doesn't deny the charges. In a letter on their website posted this evening, Dr. Christopher McGinley (Superintendent of schools), ADMITS that they had the ability to take still photographs of the computer screen & the operator of the computer (his words). He also admits that they had the ability to access these photographs remotely. They say it was in the name of security & so they would have the ability to find a lost or stolen laptop and that the feature has now been disabled.

In the name of security? Where have I heard that before...

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Melody said...

That is sick! My child for one would not be using the school's laptops! I am in disbelief! This is wrong!