Lead Me

I've mentioned before my heart for music. Once upon a time, I wrote music. My file cabinet now enjoys every song I've written immensely. Because they were that good.

Friday night, I heard one of the songs off of the almost-released (as in will be released in 2 days on the 9th) Sanctus Real album "Pieces of a Real Heart". (If they're still available you can order an autographed copy of the album directly from the Sanctus Real website.)


At the concert Friday night (which was GREAT, by the way), they played several songs off their new album. I really liked one song in particular, "Lead Me". I was close to tears.

Matt (the lead singer) gave some of the background of the song. The first verse, is about a wife's cry to her husband to lead her. The second, about a child's cry to his/her father for the same. The last, a husband & father's cry for God to guide him as he leads his family.

I've shared that there have been some challenges in our marriage & family over the years. This song could have come from my heart...and that of my children. There was a time when I didn't know if my husband even desired to lead us. Not only does he clearly now desire to lead, but he actually does the grace of God.

I couldn't find an "official" video on the Sanctus Real Podcast. As far as I know, the song hasn't even gone for adds yet at radio stations. However, I did find a video of Sanctus Real doing an acoustic set at Spirit 105.3 in Seattle, WA. The song doesn't actually start until 3:40 in the video. It's worth a listen if you have the time!


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