But I already HAVE underwear on!!!

Yes, son.  Yes you do.  But you STILL have to put new underwear on.  "But mo-om, I didn't have to put new underwear on yesterday."  (sigh)

...5 minutes later... need to put on a clean shirt.  (He looks down at his shirt which is clean on the front.)  "But mom, it IS clean." (sigh)  Son.  You turned the shirt around.  It is NOT clean.  All of the dirty stuff is now on your back.

...another 5 minutes...

Son, isn't that the SAME shirt you had on earlier?  (Looks down at his shirt again.)  "Yup! Now it's clean on BOTH the front AND the back! See!" (Points proudly at his shirt.)  (sigh)  Son. You turned your shirt inside out.  You STILL have a dirty shirt on even if you can't see the dirt.


Anonymous said...

I don't know Amy, sounds like he's trying to save you some laundry!! :-) Sara M.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

I love your way of looking at it Sara! I'm sure he does too! :-)

Lindsay Moehrman said...

Lol sounds like my son! I tries to leave u a comment but my phone wouldn't let me :0)

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

No worries. Phones can be testy that way.

I'll cross-comment from here onto my blog anyway. (And it's totally just a boy thing I think. My girls NEVER tried that!)