How My Children Disappoint Me

Have you ever had that moment where you're just so utterly and profoundly disappointed in your children?  For some, it's when they hear their child is drinking, doing drugs, or having sex. 

If only. 

The other day, my teen says to me, "So, Mom, I was talking to my friends the other day..."


How many times am I going to have to tell this child?  We're HOMESCHOOLERS!  She's not supposed to have friends!

*Off to try and unsocialize my child some more.*  ('Cause based on the number of friends my children have, I'm clearly a complete and total failure as a homeschooling parent.)


Anonymous said...

Yes you ARE a failure. But I'm not complaining. ;)

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

I highly suspect that I am related to this "anonymous" person. Is this my daughter?

Anonymous said...

Guilty as charged! Love ya mom!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Love you too, Toots!

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that maybe at the teenage kids want to be in public school. Would that really be so bad?

Amy's daughter said...

Umm.... I ENJOY homeschool. If I were given the option to public school, I would turn it down without a second thought.

Unknown said...

I've offered on multiple occasions to send my overly-social, homeschooled teen to high school (teen girls do not have the market on being hormonal, I'm just sayin'). He adamantly refuses saying that he wouldn't have time to do what he likes. I think homeschooling opens up a world of social opportunities, much more than being in tethered to a school building for several hours a day.