My Son is a REAL Man!!!

He drank coffee...and LOVED it. It wasn't just any coffee, though. It was coffee that Daddy brought back from Guatemala. (Somehow, that makes it better!)

Daddy also brought back chocolate chip cookies from Guatemala. (Which the kids swear taste better than any cookies they've ever had here.) Then again, that may just be because they're used to gluten-free cookies. That gives Guatemala a HUGE advantage! LOL

Okay. Put down your swords right now. There are some of you still sitting there attempting to pick your jaws up off the floor. This is probably because you remember my son being around 6yrs old. You would be right. You're also then wondering WHAT kind of a mother I could possibly be to let my son drink coffee. The kind that realizes that there are just some things you can't fight! This is one of them. From the moment DADDY (note...DADDY did it...NOT me!) gave him is first drink, he was HOOKED. He LOVED coffee. The girls? They could care less. One loves the smell but hates the taste like me. The other, can't stand either.

I was roped into being the one to give him the coffee because Daddy made the comment that the cookies would be great with the new coffee. My son immediately wanted to try them MIDNIGHT. (We had picked Daddy up from the airport.) Gary told him he could, but not until the next day. Hence MOMMY being the one to serve him the coffee.

For the record, I diluted the coffee...and he added raw goat's milk and honey to it so it was sort-of healthy. Yeah. I know it's a stretch. Give it to me. Okay?

And as my son drank his coffee...and quite proudly showed the neighbor who came to the door, he felt like SUCH a man! He had his OWN cup of coffee. His very first OWN cup of he pointed out to me several times.

I have a feeling it will not be his last.

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