VICTORY in California!!

The same court that handed down the initial ruling which would have required every homeschooling parent to be a certified teacher reversed their decision and has now, officially handed down a new ruling.  You can read more here:
and here:
and here:

The basics?  Homeschooling is not only legal...without a teaching certificate, but it is protected by the state constitution of California.  This is a MAJOR victory not only for California homeschoolers, but for homeschoolers nationwide as well.

The saying often goes, "As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation."  That is why homeschoolers nation-wide were concerned about the initial ruling in Feburary.

While this is a major victory, I would still encourage homeschoolers nation-wide to continue to be vigilant about standing up for their rights when necessary-even if they don't currently live in that state.  I have said it often and will say it again:  Just because you don't live somewhere today doesn't mean you won't live there tomorrow.  Plus, as we've seen before with other laws, what is handed down as law in one state tends to trickle down to the other states around it...that can very easily have an effect on your current state before you know it.  Taking the attitude that, "It's not my state so it doesn't matter" is not a good idea here.
We all should be especially vigilant about keeping an eye on D.C. right now.  It is easy to think that is one tiny little place so how could that affect us.  However, one must remember that every law handed down in D.C. is FEDERAL law not STATE law.  See the potential problem? 

They recently were the first area in 15 years to hand down restrictions on homeschooling...because of an incident that happened to someone who had been KICKED OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!!!  They were NOT homeschoolers.  As I have said before regarding this issue, kicking a child out of a public school does NOT automatically make them a homeshooler!  It doesn't work that way.  One only becomes a homeschooler when the parent voluntarily removes the child from a public or private school or never enrolls them in one in the first place and properly follows the laws for the state in which they live...NOT when the public school system says they no longer want them.  Despite this, restrictions were handed down on actual homeschoolers!

So let's celebrate this victory, but let's also no forget to watch for changing laws throughout the US and be ready to take action if necessary.

Edited to add the WND article above with comments:  While I am glad that this ruling came down, I do NOT like the fact that it "officially" leaves a back door for them to still force homeschoolers into public and private schools.  Granted, I feel certain that if this were abused (i.e.-just used on homeschoolers and not parents who were abusing their children), then HSLDA would step in to defend the Constitutional rights of the parents. 

Sorry, California, but the US Constitutional rights of a parent DO take precedent over your state judicial ruling!

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