Call Me Crazy?

Several of my friends call me crazy. I prefer the term "adventurous".

For a while now, I have been wanting to buy a sewing machine. I was given one years ago, but due to extreme lack of use (as in never), it was crying for a good, loving home. I felt it only best that I oblige.

In the past couple of years, I have begun to regret this decision. Maybe it's from watching too much Martha Stewart? Regardless, I have decided I want to become a FULL-FLEDGED "Ms. Suzy Homemaker". After all, what good homeschooler and homemaker is complete without a sewing machine? (Notice all of my desires were for just a sewing machine...NOT to actually sew?)

Somehow, just having the machine would make me better at my jobs. I could sit there and dream of what I could do. Then, in the past couple of months, insanity struck. I decided I didn't just want a sewing machine...I wanted to actually sew! What a concept! So where do I start? How do I begin? This desire was SO strong that I actually began to seek out hand-sewing patterns.

See why my friends thought I had gone crazy?

I was actually preparing to make home-made items by hand. Oh, I still wanted a sewing machine, but I wasn't going to spend the money on one until I had done loads of research. I'm also crazy that way. When I make a purchase, new or used, I want to make sure I am making the right purchase. Sometimes...okay often...that means paying a little more to get better quality. Sometimes it's simply a matter of finding a way to get that typically more expensive, better quality item for much cheaper than I would otherwise.

How about free?

One of these friends that had been calling me crazy (and rightfully so) called me yesterday. She had exciting news for me. Her "Super-sewing Queen" grandma was departing with one of her 3 high-quality sewing machines. That left her pondering what to do with her current high-quality sewing machine that had come from this same grandma.

Her thought?

Save my crazy friend!

I like thoughts like that. I'll be "crazy" any day if it gets me a free high-quality sewing machine. I offered to make her free cloth diapers with this new sewing machine as a show of appreciation. She said I wouldn't GET the machine if I brought cloth diapers anywhere near her children. She walked off shaking her head and muttering under her breath, "Crazy. That woman is crazy."

And so I am setting off on a new venture.

How do you work a sewing machine?...



christin wolf said...

My husband bought me a sewing machine after similar desires and thoughts of all of the beautiful clothing and curtains I could whip up swirled through my mind for months. I did manage to get the sewing machine out of the box one day last spring, but barely found the time or energy to put it back in the box. I have recently looked up classes to take at a local sewing center...that's as far as I've gotten. I'm still holding out hope. My sticker machine is in a similar state of being underused. Such great concepts though...

Thoughts of THAT mom said...


My daughter's ended up taking a sewing class this last fall. THEY'RE the ones who taught me how to work my machine! Go figure!