This is my first "archived" blog. I wrote this on August 22, 2005. The child I talk about below is now reading very well and has been for over a year. She has joined her sister with her love of reading. This post brought back memories. I still feel the same. I LOVE homeschooling!

Here's the blog:

I had it easy when we first started homeschooling. I realize that. I think it was God's grace. Our oldest is a genious. To put it mildly. If you're reading this, sweetie...don't let that go to your head. God can and will use it for good, but you have to remember to let him...and not get prideful. She took easily to reading, writing, math, etc...pretty much everything.

Then, along comes her sister. Now don't get me wrong here. Her sister is not stupid. She's just not as quick with reading as her sister. Then again, she's only 4. I have to remember that. It's easy to forget. Still, she begs to do school so I let her.

She's been working faithfully for weeks in Explode the Code. She's been enjoying the coloring, the exercises, and the daily recapping the letter she's been working on along with its appropriate sound. By daily recapping, I MEAN daily recapping. She wasn't retaining the concept. She didn't get that the letter "f" ALWAYS had the sound you hear at the beginning of "fish". It wasn't clicking with her, on that or any other letter.

She's only 4, I kept telling myself. It's not a big deal. We'll do it again in a year & she'll probably get it then. Yet she is daily frustrated that she's not getting this concept. She KNOWS shes not getting this concept, and she WANTS to get it. So I keep working with her daily; trying to help her grasp it fully realizing she just might not get it right now...despite her desire to grasp it.
Then, SHE GOT IT! She shocked herself. She came to me and said, "Mommy, I remember that 'f' makes the sound you hear at the beginning of 'fish'. Like this..."...and she made the sound....and then proceeded to do the same with every other letter we've worked on so far. (We've been schooling through the summer.)

I love homeschooling. It's wonderful. There's nothing like seeing that fascination in your child's eyes when they finally get it. Whatever "it" is, it's wonderful. I wouldn't trade this for anything. That "it" moment makes any sacrifice well worth it.

Great job, Whitney...I'm glad you finally "got it". It was so much harder for her, but that much more joyful when she did get it because of the "fight".


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