I Have a Dream

I think this archived post from October 25, 2005 speaks for itself. And no, I still haven't fulfilled that dream...

Ever have a dream, a passion, a deep desire burning within you that you can't do anything with? It's there, you KNOW what you'll do, but you can't do it yet. The time's not right. You have to prepare first.

I understand this, but it's still so hard. I want so desperately to start fulfilling this dream NOW. I don't want to wait. I don't want to prepare. Well, I do, but I don't...because I don't want to wait...I want to start NOW.

Why can't I start now? I guess I could, but I really can't. I HAVE to have the preparation. I NEED the preparation. AARGH!!!!!

I'm so FRUSTRATED! I just need to be patient. I need to hold out. I need to do the preparation that I've been called to do FIRST. THEN I can act...in the proper time.

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