I paid $2.25 for $126.34 worth of groceries...a savings of OVER 99%!

I've already included one "coupon-post" that was archived. I debated on whether to post this one as well. I decided to go ahead for one reason. I am absolutely AMAZED that despite NOT having double coupons here, I am STILL getting savings like this when I shop! In fact, it's not uncommon for me to walk out of a store having been PAID BY THEM for making my purchases. They don't ever actually hand me money back in the store, but I'll pay for my entire purchase using a gift card I received for transferring a prescription, plus have received $30 in register rewards to use next time then get 110% of my purchases back in a gift card refund plus 100% of other purchases back by separate refunds. That's not uncommon for me AT ALL.

At the other major store I shop at, Meijer, I'll often see a savings of 85% & up. My savings would be higher, but I use my "profits" on some products to help us pay for the gluten-free (GF) and Organic items we buy.

So, with that in mind, here is my (now not quite so impressive) archived post from August 28, 2005:

For those interested, below are my totals from shopping today only. I also went a 2nd time on Friday and once Saturday, but those totals aren't included here. (The total from my 1st trip on Friday is on my 1st post about double coupons.)

Total before coupons: $25.69, Paid: 03¢ (including taxes)
Total before coupons: $12.65, Paid: 66¢ (including taxes)
Total before coupons: $16.33, Paid: 96¢ (including taxes)
Total before coupons: $13.15, Paid: 15¢ (including taxes)
Total before coupons: $38.94, Paid: 45¢ (including taxes)
Total before coupons: $19.58, Paid: 0 (as in taxes)
Totals: Before coupons: $126.34, Paid: $2.25, > 99% total savings

Below is what I brought home. on & enjoy!

(2) 8 oz tubs of Promise margarine, (6) pkgs of Martha White muffin mix, (24) cans of Iams cat food, (1) Dannon Frusion smoothie, (1) box Happy Tail cat food, (1) 24pk of Albertson's toliet paper, (3) Jose Ole burritos, (4) Equaline chapsticks, (2) 22ct pantiliners, (1) Raid ant & roach killer, (2) Energy bars, (3) boxes of 18 oz Total Honey Clusters cereal, (1) 6pk of Max Cola, (1) 4pk Lean Pockets breakfast pockets, (1) Hershey almond candy bar, (2) 12pk Cottonelle, (3) Pupperoni dog treats, (2) 12pc Dentyne Ice Gum, (1) 100ct Multi vitamins, (1) 100 ct. Women's multi vitamins, and (2) pkgs Pilgrim's Pride boneless, skinless chicken breast (4 breasts in each package)...each one of these alone cost more than the total for all of my purchases today combined.


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