It's Called "Common Sense" People!

This article claims that food cooked in a microwave could be hot.  Therefore, children shouldn't a microwave.
Seriously?  Seriously?

I don't know which is worse, the fact that someone thought it worth the money to do this study...which was probably paid for by our government (i.e.-us), or the fact that they actually think a solution is containing your children while your cooking and I'm sure doing other "dangerous" household tasks as well. 

Come on, have you heard how harmful cleaners can be?  We THINK we're giving our children a clean environment, but all we're really doing is exposing them to dangerous chemicals.  This is why I take the approach that I just won't clean.  The germs can help them.  Studies I've paid for have shown that.  Plus, the chemicals are dangerous.  I think I paid for that study, too.

I say we just put bars up on our children's rooms when they're born and never let them out and never feed them.  That way, they'll never be exposed to anything dangerous in their lives.

Oh wait.  I forgot.  I'm a homeschooler.  Apparantly I'm already doing that.  Someone just forgot to tell my kids who love playing with the friends that they don't really have since they're not "socialized" and never see anyone or leave the house.  Someone also forgot to tell my 9yr old the other night when she asked if she could try cooking something new by herself.  Woops.  I guess all is well.  We all survived, the house didn't burn down...and neither did she.  It's called "parental supervision".

On the other hand, why are these parents in the study even using a microwave?  Haven't they also read the studies that say microwave use could cause cancer?  I think we should ban the use of microwaves.  That way, children really can't get burned because they won't have a microwave in the house.  Oh, wait.  Then we'd have that pesky stove to deal with again.  I'm sure I paid for a study on that one too.

I give up.  I'm tired of paying for studies.  Can't I just live and use common sense? 

No.  That would be too easy. 

And too cheap.

ADDENDUM:  I have to add something.  After writing this blog, I was telling my oldest daughter (she's 9) about this study.  Her response?  Why would they do a study like that?  Doesn't everyone know that cooked food can be hot?

I knew there was a reason I liked that girl.


Amy Tolnay said...

Maybe they felt compelled to do the study because they know there are children out there who usually don't eat at home and so don't get near cooking appliances or even get intstruction in how to use them if they did. They go to school, for the regular day and the before and after care programs, and are fed an already cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Our neighbor girl was shocked that we not only eat at home, but also that I cook food from scratch; and even more shocked when I helped (really just supervised) my eight year old cook mac & cheese.
I guess cooking is just not an important skill anymore: If you study hard, and get those high math & science scores, then you can go to a good college & get a high paying job, and then just eat at McD's every night, and die from a heart attack at 45. And that's ok with the gov, they've got more schools full of those math & science kids who can then just take over where you left off.

Posted 10/11/08

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Good point. Very good point...and very sad, but unfortunately probably very true.

These are things that homeschoolers sometimes don't think about.

Posted 10/11/08