I have plans. For my blog that is.

To understand my plans, you'll need to know a little more about me.

I've told you I'm a SAHM. (That's Stay At Home Mom...for anyone out there who might not know. Trust me, those people are out there. Don't ask me how I know.) I'm also a homeschooling mom, part-time nurse, and am still in school to eventually become a Nurse Practicioner. Granted, my kids will probably be grown by the time that actually happens. But who's counting? One step at a time. Right?

Here's what you don't know. (And may later regret you do.) I am a very opinionated person. 'Course having a blog is sort-of a give-away for that one isn't it? I love politics. Actually. That's not true. I hate "politics" with a passion. I love standing up for what's right and wish "politics" didn't get in the way so much. I believe that my voice does matter. I believe that one person can make a difference. You will see that reflected throughout my blog. If you don't believe this, then stop reading...but don't come trying to convince me otherwise. With the exception of this massive bailout plan, I have SEEN my voice make a difference first-hand. And that's all I'll say about that. That whole bailout plan is a horse for another blog.

I have a child with Celiac and I have Graves and am "gluten-intolerant". I had too little gluten in me to do a full test for Celiac. That's because our home is gluten-free and I only "cheated" when I go out. I believe healthy eating CAN make a difference in your health. As can exercise and GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP!! (That's a HUGE one!) Yes. I do recognize that you'll see blogs posted in the middle of the night. I also have insomnia...I can thank the Graves for that. We try to eat Organic, locally-grown produce as much as is humanly possible. I make as much as I can from scratch. I saw first-hand the results of eating healthy on your body when I became a raw-vegan for 6 months and saw my lab values go down TREMENDOUSLY (to the point my doctor was surprised) and had my symptoms subside &/or go away...all without ANY medication. However, I am ALSO a nurse. As a result, I think there is a balance to be found between natural healing and allopathic (or "traditional") medicine. I think medicines are massively over-used by BOTH camps. Diet can do SO much for our bodies! I am considering a regular feature regarding health & diet. Thoughts?

I am also an early-reviewer for publishers. What that means is that I am sent books by publishers and asked to review them before the book is released. I then send the publisher my reviews and publish them on and

It is this passion for reading and the resulting reviewing of books that has led to my first regular feature. I will have a "Review Day" every week. This day will be on Saturday as I have tenative plans for Sunday. However, I will not just be reviewing books on this feature. I have also reviewed baby toys, health & beauty items, household appliances, cars...and the list goes on. This will truly be a review day. I will review something...whether it be a book I've just read (or read in the past) or another item.

I started yesterday with my first archived post from my old blog. I will continue to weave those in with my new posts. As promised, I will state that they are archived within the first line or two so that those who followed my old blog can stop reading should they desire, or enjoy them a second time. I hope those who are new will enjoy them also.

I am brutally honest in my blogs. I try to be tactful, but can't stop from offending everyone. Someone won't like what I have to say at some time. If you feel that way, I only request that you state so respectfully...even if it's privately through e-mail.

If you have any suggestions for what I should include in my blog or a regular feature you think I should consider, shoot me an e-mail or comment below.


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