Traveling With Food Allergies

Do you have a "traveling" food? We do. PBandJ's. We have family members who are gluten-intolerant. So, to make things much easier (and cheaper) when traveling, we pack our own food for the trip. I have never felt more accomplished than before this trip, however.

We've made homemade jam before (freezer so the fruits are still raw), but I had never made my own nut butters until this trip. My kids were so excited to help make their own "butters". We had almonds, cashews, & peanuts (all organic and raw) to choose from. I even made a small batch of "combo" nut butters.

We had our system. One child labeled the baggies as they chose what type of butter & jam (or raw honey) they wanted. Another was responsible for putting the PBandJ's into the baggies while another was my runner bringing me more bread when I ran out & taking completed sandwiches to the freezer. I am the only one allowed to "spread" for a trip as I don't spread quite as liberally as I do for home. (There's only so much jam that can be cleaned off the floor of a car during its lifetime...and ours already has 240,000 miles worth of PB&J's.)

Here is a pic of our "loot" just before packing them into the cooler:

We also travel with 2 cases of bottled water, GF organic yogurt, GF organic chips, GF cookies & treats, Lara bars, Fruit Leather, a plethora of GF "convenience food" including GF & Feingold canned items we feel might be served while we're away, GF versions of basic cooking items (vanilla, etc), more frozen bread, more PB & J to make sandwiches for the way home, and a small stash of trash bags and regular & cloth napkins and homemade baby wipes.

Anything cold goes in a HUGE 5 day cooler. An 18gallon Rubbermaid tote holds our dry goods. It is a trip (excuse the pun) to travel with a child with allergies; especially when you'll be in an area without ready resources for part of your travels.

We're loaded with food...and somewhere in between we find the space for our clothes.

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Shauna said...

We "travel with food allergies" too. It is really hard since I over pack anyway! This summer we are going to Baltimore and are flying. Well my mind is already realing and trying to figure out how to take plenty of food with us! I am so nervous we will be one of those families that get stuck on a plane for hours and my daughter will run out of food she can have! I know, I worry too much! LOL