Wanna Hear a Joke?

Thought so. Most people like jokes. I have a great one for you. After voting for the $800+billon "bailout" plan despite the wishes of the people of Oklahoma (and the nation for that matter), Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK), sent out an e-mail about how disturbed he was about our economy, how concerned he was with out-of-control government spending, and how he was BOUND and DETERMINED to make a change. (Except for that pesky $800+ billion.) That doesn't count.

Now just shut your eyes and pretend it didn't happen. Read this e-mail, think that's what he actually believes...despite voting otherwise...and then remember to blindly cast your ballot for him because he says he's for you...despite the fact that he ignored all of your calls and e-mails by voting for the plan anyways. The plan which, by the way, has done NOTHING to help our economy. In fact, it has done exactly as we, the actual people of America, knew it would do...NOTHING!!! (Except insure that a couple of Wall Street execs still get their posh retreats and bonuses despite the fact that they are a large reason we're in this mess in the first place.) Of course, we're supposed to not think about that either. The fact that they were committing fraud and acting illegally is supposed to not matter to us.

Here was my response to him:

Mr. Sullivan,
"Wait a minute. YOU'RE sending an e-mail about excessive government spending? In my opinion (which admittedly is NOT very humble at this juncture), you don't have the right to talk to any Oklahoman about government spending right now.
You just helped to vote in one of the most detrimental bills in our country's history DESPITE the fact that a majority of Oklahomans (and in fact Americans in general) DID NOT agree with this bill. As it turns out, us "menial" Americans were right. This bill has done absolutely NOTHING to help our economy. What our President "threatened" us would happen if we didn't agree with this bill IS happening...and us "commoners" KNEW it would still happen which was a large reason why we didn't agree with this bill. It was unnecessary...and gave unconstitutional powers to people to boot; and a private company (the Treasury Department) no less.
And WHERE on God's green earth are you getting your numbers for our federal deficit? Are you running the same country that I'm living in? As of October 1st, 2008, our country owed $10.1 TRILLION in debts (a number which your recent bill...the economic "stimulus" act increased by over $800 billion!!!!
According to USA Today, the deficit as of the fiscal end of the year for the government last week was $438 Billion. Given that this number was UP $162 billion from the last fiscal year, we're well on our way to EXCEEDING $500 billion THIS fiscal year!!! That number is even more likely given that you just helped vote in an almost $1 TRILLION "bailout" plan that our government and the people of America couldn't afford in the first place.
Then, I hear that our president is looking at ANOTHER rescue plan??!!!!???!!! Where and when will this madness stop? Are you going to actually do what you are saying in this e-mail and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT???!!! When I say "do something about it", I mean actually stand up for the PEOPLE WHOM YOU REPRESENT not the bankers, Wall Street executives, and ultra-rich.
The "common" man couldn't care less about the extension of the FDIC insurance to $250K. That doesn't do anything for us. The bulk of Americans are DROWNING in debt. And I don't just mean credit card debt, car loans, and mortgages. I'm talking about INSURED Americans who can't pay the numerous medical, dental, & vision bills that have been heaped upon them topped with ultra-high gas prices and rising food costs.
Quit telling me you're going to do something and then go and do the opposite. Do what you SAY you are going to do. The point at which you are no longer representing the people, but Washington insiders and lobbyists, is the point at which you need to resign and let someone else take your place.
In case you haven't heard it enough, I am one of MANY hailing from Oklahoma who will NOT be voting for you in your next bid for office. You lost our votes when you shut out our voices 800 BILLION times over.
Amy Thompson"

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