We're off to Tulsa!

After spending a night in St. Louis, we're off to Tulsa today! We're so excited!! The car is packed, we had our swim in the hotel, and we're ready to see family.

There's just one problem.


Why? You ask. That's an excellent question.

I'm afraid because I live in Michigan. Make sense? I didn't think so. It doesn't to most "outsiders" who move into the state either. Yet we must accept what we don't understand. Unfortunately, that leaves us unable to legally drive in any other state!

Michigan has some lovely driving habits that are named for the state itself. For example, there is the "Michigan U-turn". What this means is that in order to turn left at an intersection, you must first pass said intersection, turn left in the middle of the street &/or highway, & then turn RIGHT. THEN, you have made a "left". Make sense? In other words, in order to turn "left" you must first pass, turn left, then turn right. It's called a "Michigan U-turn" because the people of Michigan were crazy when they came up with it.

Then, there's this matter of being able to turn LEFT at a RED Michigan that is. No, I did not type that wrong.

I am so scared I'm going to try to turn left at a red or make a million u-turns in Tulsa.

Will one of you bail me out if they throw me in jail?

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