The "Break-the-Law" Lane

For the record, I did NOT get pulled over on this trip to Tulsa. This is an archived post. I promise. LOL I wrote this post on January 5, 2006. However, I have been pulled over TWICE for the EXACT same thing! My husband totally supports me. I was NOT going under the speed limit. I was going THE speed limit. Actually, about 3 miles over...I always cruise there just in case our speedometer is off. Here is the post, enjoy:

For those of you that didn't know, there is now, officially, a "break-the-law" lane...or so says the officer who pulled me over for going the speed limit in the left lane. According to him, if you are attempting to pass a vehicle that is going 55 in the right lane & then said vehicle speeds up before you have passed him, you are supposed to BREAK THE LAW and speed to get past him even if said semi should now be going 75 himself.

I checked in the Oklahoma state driver's manual. (Not only am I now the ONLY person in the state of Oklahoma who actually read the driver's manual while in driver's ed in high school; I'm now the only person to have read it twice in their lives. For the record, I've also read the manuals for Ohio & Kansas as well. What can I say, I'm a nerd. I read EVERYTHING! I'm really fun when closing on a house!) The manual addresses passing in section 7 (the section on "Lane usage & manuevers"). On page 7-5, it says "You may not exceed the speed limit to pass". I wish I had a scanner up & working right now. If I did, I'd be able to show you that they put this particular quote in BOLD in the manual. It's one of about 5 passages other than headings that is put in bold in the entire manual. One would think they find that to be an important statement. Unfortunately, it's one in which the Tulsa Police Academy has failed to inform their officers.

Let me say it here officially. I will not speed to pass another car. I will not endanger the lives of myself, my husband, or my kids to please those who desire to break the law. Likewise, I refuse to go 55 in the slow lane so that those who desire to break the law can do so in a more convenient manner in the left lane. I refuse. I will continue to drive cautiously, with care, and with observance of the law as I always have...and was doing when I was pulled over by a member of the Tulsa Police Department motorcycle squad.

What was more disturbing to me, though, was what I heard when I began telling people about my experience. I had 4 different people tell me that they themselves or someone else they knew had been pulled over for going the speed limit. My husband received the same response when telling some of his co-workers. My brother, a police officer for another department, said that it is common for people to be pulled over for this reason. WOW! Would it not seem more advantageous to pull over those who are actually breaking the law by speeding? Are we such a compliant (& I don't mean in a good way) society that we must actually break the law ourselves in an effort to not upset those who are already doing it? Isn't this counter to what we were taught growing up? You know, if all of your friends are jumping off a bridge, that doesn't mean you have to...or does it?....Wouldn't want to upset them now would we?

Stepping down off my soapbox for now.


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