Computer Issues

I wrote a post on my old blog this past summer. I fear it's time to bring this post to light again.

Here's a summary: Toshiba is evil.

I will soon be doing an official review on my Toshiba computer that, as of this month, is only 1 year old. In that year, the hard drive has gone bad and the fan has smoked. And there is NO good smoking when you're referring to a computer.

Bottom line? If you're considering a new computer this holiday season, DON'T consider a Toshiba. You will be dissatisfied, angry, hot, driven to call the CEO of corporations in the US and Japan, etc. You get the picture. Good things won't happen. It will NOT bring holiday cheer.

I am currently posting from my husband's work computer because I happened to be here and had yet to finish my blog for today when the computer started smoking. We have another laptop at home, but I had no yet set it up.

Toshiba should feel honored. Famous. Or was that infamous? They caused me to change what I was going to blog today just so I could blog about them.

Happy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. I'm off to shop at CVS at midnight so I can hit Kmart at 6am.

I am NOT going to think about Toshiba or my laptop this weekend. I will not. By the grace of God. 'Cause I just might scream if I do.


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