Coupon Storage

I am switching my coupon storage method over. WOW! Talk about time consuming. I had NO IDEA! The last time I switched my coupon storage method from a box to a binder, I didn't have half the coupons I do now.


The task seems monumental.

I have used the "binder" method for years. I love my binder. It is convenient when I'm in the store and easy to carry and keep in the car. Going through the ads is truly effortless with the binder. You switch through to the section you're needing (i.e.-frozen food), and can see at a glance which coupons you can apply to that sale.

So if I love my binder so much, why am I switching?

The baseball card holders that I use are just way too much. I now have little helpers with my cutting. If I use the baseball card pages, then I have to go back over the coupons after they've been cut and re-cut them. Same goes if I get coupons from a provider like The Coupon Clippers. I just don't have that kind of time anymore. Something has to give. After getting many weeks behind on trimming my coupons, I have realized that my binder is that thing.

I might be able to salvage my binder by using bigger photo pages, but I think then I'd have to go to 2 binders definitely. (I was already on the verge of having to do so before because I get multiple copies of the paper.) For now, I have some bigger check-type files that I got on clearance at Target some time ago. I'll be using those until I figure out something else.

I'm kinda disappointed to have to manually flip through my coupons while going through the ads, but I'll adjust. It has been so much easier to cut coupons this week, and I can't trade that ease for a nice, neat binder.

Now I just have to go through about 6 weeks of coupons that I'm behind on. Yay! (Can't you hear my excitement? Yeah. Thought so. It's because it's not there.) I really don't like having to go through back coupons. It just seems so monotonous.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE couponing. You can't beat the thrill of a great deal; especially when it's free.

I hope to be done with my giant task of cutting the old coupons, organizing ALL of my coupons, and labeling my tabs by tonight. Then, I'll go through the ads for this week. We'll see if I'm actually done by then.

Next task? Going through the Black Friday ads.

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