I thought there was nothing worse than a sick, vomiting young child. They are very hard to keep in one place to ensure they don't throw up on the floor somewhere in the house.

We thought we had that part solved in the house with the advent of our "throw-up" bin. It's a trash can with double liners that a vomiting child carries around with them. No longer do I have to worry about them not making it to the Great White Throne to "do the deed".

On our ride home from Tulsa last week, however, I learned that there are things worse than a sick, vomiting young a house: A sick, vomiting young child in the car. But not just in the car, on a 10 hour (with no extra stops) ride home in the car!

And my sweet boy wanted to do the one thing every 6yr old who feels bad does; cuddle with Mama. I felt so bad for my little one. I couldn't give him what he wanted to feel better because we all had to stay buckled. I held his hand a lot, though. :)

I also devised a plan to keep my car, his car seat, and his clothes clean should he vomit...again. Unfortunately, I didn't come up with my plan until after he had already thrown up on all three! Oh well. I lived, and I learned.

Here was my solution:

I covered my son in plastic bags. We always keep a small roll in the car for trash and any emergencies. That roll really came in handy this trip. He was dressed, but had a cut apart plastic bag covering his shirt and tucked into the collar of the shirt and top of his pants to keep it in. He also had another one tucked into his pants and over his legs to keep him clean there. Later, I also added one over the belt for extra measure. He also had a laundry bag from the hotel in his hand to actually throw up in. (It was much more sturdy than the trash bags.)

I hope you never have to utilize my genius idea, but should you need it-it's yours to use. I did not put a patent on it. I am willingly sharing it with all traveling moms with sick kids.


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