Joy Behar on Homeschooling

Below is the letter I wrote to The View and ABC corporate. It was in reference to Joy Behar's comments on homeschooling on their November 17th show. You can find a copy of the video on YouTube here:

"I am writing in reference to Joy Behar's comments on homeschooling. She stated that homeschooling children were "demented" and that they are "afraid of other children". I am appalled that she would speak with supposed "expertise" on the subject without having done adequate research.

As a homeschooling mom, I can assure you that my children are neither demented nor afraid of other children. My children treat other children and adults alike with more respect than I've seen of many public-schooled kids. They are frequently around other children (of all ages) as well as adults through groups & activities, church, and daily life.

I would encourage you to meet homeschoolers (such as Jennifer Love Hewitt) and see if they really are "demented" and "afraid of other children" before you speak generally as you did against an entire group of people.

Homeschoolers by definition are children who are not schooled in a public or private school. However, that does NOT mean that they are secluded in their home for days, weeks, or months on end as is commonly thought. Most homeschoolers are involved in church, outside activities such as sports, arts, and/or homeschool co-ops, and are out getting "live" education through field trips and interaction with people on a daily basis.

I fully support the First Amendment and the rights of people to have their opinons and speak such opinions. However, I am bothered when one states as fact something that is merely an opinion. I wish you would do your research next time."




Anonymous said...

It saddens me that people have such terrible misconceptions about homeschooled children.

I have a store in an area that has a fair number of homeschooling families. I can always tell who the homeschooled children are, because they are always so well-behaved, self-confident, and comfortable dealing with other people: children and grownups.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

It is quite saddening.

Thanks for your words regarding your experiences with homeschoolers. I think it's only with experiences such as yours that people realize homeschooling children aren't socially inept.