We have now officially gone NO TV in our home!!! I am really happy to be making this change. It is something I have been asking for...for a VERY long time. About six months ago, we removed our TV from the basement and gave it away so the kids couldn't watch any shows without being in the same room as us. (The only TV with cable was in our bedroom.)

We have also kept a TV in the living room that my husband moves to the dining room to watch when he does dishes. That TV is now gone as well. The kids and I are taking it to Goodwill tomorrow.

There will only be one TV left in our house. However, it will not have cable or anything else hooked up to it. It will be kept in our bedroom and utilized for school purposes with DVDs & VHS's only.

We are also going to go through all of our movies and get rid of anything that we wouldn't want the kids to watch.

We are also adding several sites (including YouTube...which is NOT harmless) to our "blocked sites" list. It is, again, something I have been asking for...for a VERY long time so I am very happy to see it happen.

I just wish it hadn't taken what it took to help everyone in the family see the need.

Lord, help us.


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