Our 4th Child

Don't worry, Nana. We're not pregnant again...yet. (wink, wink) No, I'm talking about our other 4th child...

I often like to talk about our 4th child. I do love him dearly. He is an integral part of our family. Without him, we would be incomplete.

There are many of our friends and family, however, who are unaware that we even have a 4th child. We are truly sorry for not revealing him to you before now. Now that you know about him, though, I fear he may decide to come visit you once in a while. In fact, I even wish he would. You should know, though, that our 4th child is very shy. He doesn't like to be seen very often, and doesn't have much to say. The kids speak for him more than for themselves sometimes. Granted, he's often asked for it.

He does seem to love to play with the kids. I fear, though, that he has picked up some mighty bad habits. I really hate to say this about any of our children, but it seems he's the troublemaker of our family.

Frequently when something is out of place or disobedience has occurred, I hear "NOT ME!" quite loudly being accused by all 3 of my other children. It seems also that he likes making messes and HATES cleaning them up even more.

I'll ask why the room is such a mess. "NOT ME!" I ask why the mess hasn't been cleaned up and I hear, "It was Not Me who messed it up so why should I have to clean it up?" I ask who ate all of my chocolate ice cream and, again, Not Me is accused.

I'm not really sure what to do about Not Me. I have to admit, there are days I wish he'd never been born. What kind of a mother am I? I can't believe I've said that about one of my children.

It just seems like life would be better for my other 3 children if he weren't around. I hate that he causes them (my precious, perfect, always-obedient angels) so much trouble.

Maybe we should adopt him out.

Any takers?


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