Review Day: The Sitting Swing

The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference

The Sitting Swing by Irene Watson details Ms. Watson's journey through a 28 day "recovery" program at Avalon. During this process, Ms. Watson remembers what she went through as a child and details her experiences for the reader. She speaks of how she held back thinking she was somehow better than the "addicts" and such at Avalon with her. She knew more than them and could fake her way through the program. However, the counselors at Avalon saw right through Ms. Watson's attempts. This led to Ms. Watson actually having a breakdown which led to the break-through she had been doubtful would happen.

The Sitting Swing was difficult to get committed to. However, once I finally got through the beginning, it was not only palatable, but enjoyable. I recognized myself in much of the book although in a more modern time. Ms. Watson makes herself quite vulnerable by opening up as she does in the book. It is easy to identify with Ms. Watson when she details her thoughts about Avalon. Most readers without "typical" addictions would have the tendency to feel better than those with them in a program like Avalon; despite how equal to them we might actually be.

The Sitting Swing reads very much like a work of fiction. Perhaps Ms. Watson intended this; it certainly makes for easier reading once one gets into the book. It is hard to remember towards the end as you're drawn back into her "current" time at Avalon that this isn't a work of fiction, but her real life. The pictures thrown into the book certainly help to remind the reader that this was real.

I would recommend The Sitting Swing to anyone willing to take the time necessary to get through the beginning of a book that will turn out to be an excellent read overall. However, the reader must be aware the many of the experiences in the book can be graphic. There is also some language that I always think a book can do without, but I'm sure Ms. Watson found was necessary to tell her story.


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