Raise your hand if you believe a MAN (as in a person BORN a MALE or a BOY) has EVER been pregnant, given birth to a child, or is now pregnant (again). If you're in the liberal media I'm sure you're probably raising your hand as you celebrate "Mr." Thomas Beatie.

If, like me, you are NOT in the liberal media and have a brain, then it should be fairly easy to see that if Thomas Beatie is PREGNANT, then there is nothing MAN about "him"! "He" is NOT a he! "He" is a SHE!!! There is no other way that SHE could be pregnant if SHE were not a woman! SHE may have had her breasts surgically removed and had someone attach false parts to the lower half of her body. However, as is evidenced by the FEMALE reproductive organs still in HER body, SHE is clearly still a woman! Hormones don't change that. Looks don't change that. You are who you were born to be.

Did Beatie (I will NOT refer to her as a "him") change things to decide to try and look and act like a man? Yes. Undoubtedly. Still, SHE is a WOMAN! So PLEASE quit saying that a MAN was pregnant, that the first man gave birth to a child, and that a man is pregnant with "his" second child. A WOMAN got pregnant. A WOMAN gave birth to HER first child and a WOMAN is pregnant with HER second child.

Whether or not you believe people are born gay, whether or not you believe they deserve special rights, whether or not you agree with or think what SHE did was right, you CANNOT deny that a MAN has NEVER been pregnant! A WOMAN who LOOKS like a man because of surgeries and hormones got pregnant.

That has been my health post for today. I won't post pictures of what men and women look like to help people understand the difference. It won't do any good. Beatie surgically changed her looks so she would LOOK like a man. However, SHE is still a woman. She is a transgender woman, but she is STILL a woman.

So please, STOP saying that SHE is the first man to do ANYTHING. SHE is not!

Call me when a REAL man is pregnant. Now THAT would be news-worthy!

Then again, I've yet to meet a man who wants to handle what us women (whether we look like a woman or a man) have to go through for 9 months and beyond.


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