Use your voice!

Tomorrow is election day. Don't forget to use your voice. You DO have one. Despite what you may hear on the news, from friends, from family, from neighbors. Despite what you may hear from "nay-sayers". You DO have a voice and your vote DOES matter.

So please. Vote.

If it means getting up early. Then get up early. If it means taking a longer lunch, your boss will understand. If it means leaving work a little early or being a little later getting home, your spouse will understand. If it means missing that class today. That's okay. Your teacher will excuse you.

You'd be surprised how understanding people are when you tell them you need to vote. There are even some employers who will let you vote on work time. Now THAT'S supporting our country!

You NEED to vote! It is a priority. It doesn't matter whether you agree with me. It doesn't matter if you're not voting for the "right" person in my opinion...or someone else's. What DOES matter is that you vote.

The day we stop caring about where our country is going by not exercising our right to vote is the day we hand power over to someone else. Do YOU want to hand power to make YOUR decisions over to your family? Your friends? Your neighbors? The nay-sayers (who WILL be voting...I can guarantee you)? The media? If you want to hand your power, your voice, and your freedoms over to someone else, then don't vote.
Remember, our ancestors fought for our rights to vote. They were NOT always a given...even for man. We had to FIGHT to even win our freedom from another country which gave some citizens the right to vote. Over the years, they furthur fought for the right for black people to vote and then for the right for women to vote. Don't spit on their fight and the lives that were lost in those fights by not voting.
A teacher in high school told me, "If you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain."

Don't lose your rights and your voice...Vote!!!



Anonymous said...

Excellent reminder! I linked to you in my "What She Said ..." posting later today. :o)

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Thank you. I appreciate the link. Thanks for stopping by!