The Whole Story?

According to this story, two men pulled out loaded weapons in a Toys 'R Us yesterday. According to officials, the shooting was not related to "Black Friday" shopping. They believe it was a personal dispute and may have been gang-related.

Palm Desert, CA. councilman Jim Fergusen asked the "obvious" (according to him) question, "Who takes loaded weapons into a Toy 'R Us?" I think there are much better questions to ask, Mr. Fergusen:

1) Was this shooting gang-related?
2) Whether this shooting was gang-related or not, were the weapons involved legally obtained weapons being carried with concealed-carry permits?

If the weapons were legally obtained and were being carried with concealed-carry permits, then the question would be, "Why did someone carrying a legally-purchased gun with a concealed-carry permit pull out a gun and use it in such a manner?" They should never be allowed to legally conceal again. (However, I seriously doubt that these were legally obtained guns let-alone being carried with a concealed-carry permit.)

If the weapons were NOT legally obtained (as I suspect) and being carried with a concealed-carry permit, then enough said. They were illegally carrying illegal weapons. THAT would be the problem. NOT that someone had a loaded gun in a Toys 'R Us.

I would never be surprised that a person with a concealed-carry permit would carry a legally-obtained, loaded gun into any store. They have every right to do so for the protection of themselves and those around them from goons like those listed in the article. There is nothing wrong with concealing a legally-obtained gun if one has the proper concealed-carry permit.

Next time there is a gun involved in a death, please give us, "The rest of the story", as Paul Harvey says. Without the "whole" story, people will be left thinking that gun owners legally conceal-carrying legally obtained guns have caused problems that they haven't caused.

And that's all that I have to say 'bout that...for now.


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