Wow! Just wow.


I think this is wonderful. I think it's phenomonal that they can offer this to cancer patients. I see that as being the most common use for this procedure.

Dr. Sherman Silber, is one of the best micro-surgeons in the world. I can't even begin to imagine how much an ovary transplant with him would cost.

I wonder if insurance would cover this procedure (freezing an ovary before treatment and replacing it after)? If not, how much would this cost for those who wanted to have this procedure? Yes. I really think about such things. :-)

My only concern with donated ovaries is the same concern I have for donated babies (embryos), donated eggs, and donated sperm. How do we prevent those who are created through donation from dating & marrying a sibling without even realizing it? Obviously in this case, that's a non-issue. It's not for a non-related donor, though. I wonder if anyone has ever researched that issue?



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