Electric Vehicles

I'm watching a great documentary right now on the electric vehicle. We have no plans to purchase a new vehicle anytime soon, but it's interesting hearing about these vehicles. We'd probably have to have a hybrid for our driving habits since we only have one car. Or maybe we'd just work rental fees a gas vehicle when we take trips into our cost?

Why didn't the straight electric vehicle make a bigger splash? They came out in 1990. Did anyone else know that? I didn't. I was really shocked. The first I heard about them was after I got married in 1997.

Do you know anything about Electric or Hybrid vehicles? Do you like yours? Is it worth the cost? What about battery replacement? I hear they're around $10,000 each and need replacing every 100K miles. Since our current vehicle has over 243,000 miles that's something I think needs to considered should one contemplate buying one. Besides, I'm just someone who likes to look at everything.

Your thoughts?


Luke Holzmann said...

I loved the "Who Killed the Electric Car" documentary. It was fascinating.

At this time, electric/hybrid cars aren't quite worth it. If they started mass producing them (and thereby made the cost comparable) we'd be in business.

But definitely something to keep an eye on.


Anonymous said...

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Thoughts of THAT mom said...


Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy my blog.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...


You're right, the cost is way too high now. It is so frustrating, though, to see what could have been squashed like it was. I know there are electrics & hybrids out there still, but not in force like I believe they could be if they were affordable.