"The Finisher"

I am The Finisher. That's my official job. Every mom has their special niche. This...is mine.

Everyone in my family knows never to tell me that something is empty. I'll easily get another several uses out of...whatever.

I can get another 2 weeks after the toothpaste is "empty". I can get a weeks worth of uses out of an empty bottle of shampoo or conditioner.

Try telling me that a bottle of ketchup is empty. I'll prove you wrong. Don't even try to throw away a bottle of ranch dressing. Not until I've had my hands on it!

Get rid of that dish soap? Try again! Not until I've added water, held it upside down, and dripped every last bit of it from the bottle.

Someone done eating that leftover casserolle or soup? No problem! If I don't freeze it for us all to eat later, then I'll eat it myself...for breakfast, lunch, & dinner if necessary. No way I'll let it go to waste!

I like that title, "The Finisher". It sounds so regal. I think I'll start calling myself that. What do you do? I'm The Finisher...

For some reason, I'm having flashbacks to the "Godfather" movies...


Anonymous said...

I'm exactly the same! What is really hilarious is that (like you) I have a closet, and a basement, and a garage FULL of toothpaste/shampoo/hand soap. But I just can bring myself to throw away the tube/bottle until I'm SURE it is IMPOSSIBLE to get one more drop out of it.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

And does your husband make fun of you for this, too? (Lovingly, of course.)

It cracks Gary up that I won't waste that last drop when I have 15 more in the basement...that were all free. (Or that I got paid to take!)