The Good? Samaritan...

You're kidding? Right?

Thanks to a recent California court hearing, you can now sue a "Good Samaritan" should they stop and help you in an accident or emergency. I would like to talk to the woman who asked California courts to pass this lovely judgement. That woman should have burned in the car from which she was being rescued. I'm sorry. That wasn't very nice. I don't mean that. That is, however, what she apparently would have preferred. I'm not sure why, but according to this video, that really is what she would have preferred. What an exceptional woman she is!

Good Samaritans have been around since biblical times. Never (to my knowledge) have they been allowed to be sued for their good actions. Unfortunately, though, I can tell you that I will now think twice before stopping and helping someone in an accident. Might I still stop? Probably. That's my nature. I won't do so without stopping to think of what the consequences might be to myself and my family, though. In the past? I'd have just stopped to help. Unfortunately, those precious seconds that I stop and think might be the seconds in which the car catches fire or the that the victim needs to prevent brain damage after having stopped breathing.

In an accident &/or emergency, seconds count...and this woman has now cost every American in this country several of those seconds.

I pray to God that this woman sees the error in her ways, before more people face the consequences she has now bestowed upon them.

It's one thing to wish yourself burned in a car. It's another completely to wish that fate upon others. (Certainly upon the entire country.)

You know, now that I'm thinking about it, I think I have a solution.

Let's charge this woman with pre-meditated murder. I'm sure she will cost people their lives by her court case. Seems completely reasonable to me...


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