Happy New Year's Eve!

I hope your holiday thus far has been good. The kids have been gone since last Friday. They're with my in-laws in Kansas. Actually, they were. They're on their way back to my MIL's house in Indiana right now. We go tomorrow to pick them up.

We've done some cleaning and mild redecorating while the kids have been gone. Tomorrow, they'll arrive with their presents from us under the tree as we haven't opened them yet at our house.

I never imagined just how hard it would be to have my babies gone. It's been so quiet. Since I'm a homeschooler, I'm not used to them even being gone during they day. They're with me all day, every day. I can definitely wait for college! :-)

I shot my first gun this past Sunday. I'm hooked! I loved it! My husband and I spent about an hour at the range and I am looking forward to returning again soon.

Tonight, I have my 3rd date with my husband in a week. (Not counting ALL weekend which we spent together.) That's been the one positive we've found with the kids gone...more "us" time!

Have a Happy New Year! Thanks for your patience as I took a break.

See you next year! (As if you haven't heard that 50 times already. Today.)


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