I Feel Naked

No. Really. I do. But I’m not. (Unless you’re my husband. Then use your imagination.) Don’t worry. I do have clothes on, but I don’t have my cell phone. It’s been a bit testy lately and now won’t even charge in my car charger.

I’m told by the people at Sprint that problems are common when a phone is coming apart at the seams. I can’t imagine why? Apparently, they aren’t made to be dropped repeatedly by people under 10 (or over 30). They tried to sell me a case. Like it would do any good at this point!

So, I am without my phone today because my battery went dead. And I feel lost, empty, confused. Like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Except I’m a mom…without a cell phone…and 4 children in the house.

What do I do now? Who can I call? How do I Twitter? But I need to blog! Evidently there are things to do besides be on the phone during the day. Who knew? It seems I even have 3 children following me around daily…and an extra thrown in on occasion!

It’s amazing what you discover when you don’t have a cell phone.

I think I have it worse than most people, too. With the exception of one year somewhere in the middle, we have been cell-phone only for nearly 8 years now. We had “no home phones” before it was even cool.

So here I sit, while my phone attempts to charge (unsuccessfully) contemplating my cellular future. After all, “they’re” now saying cell-phone radiation is to your brain what cigarettes are to your lungs. And I’m pretty sure that’s not good.

The question is, “Can I survive without my cell?”

We’ve gone “No-TV”. Maybe I’ll try “no-cell”. No talking? For me? Maybe I’ll try it for a full day first? A week? A month? A…well I’d better not get too crazy here.

After all, it gets cold feeling naked during a Michigan winter.



Matthew Q. Llewellyn said...

I hate to have to be the stick in the mud always reminding people this but alas, no one else is doing it so I must.

To date, there is not a single shred of evidence linking cigarette smoke to cancer. Not even one single valid link. None... zilch... nada. It just isn't true. Even the ALA (American Lung Association) admits that while their stance (i.e., what we are preaching to be truth) is that tobacco smoke causes cancer, there is still no scientific data indicating tobacco smoke causes any type of cancerous disease.

In fact, it's quite the contrary. The only evidence about lung cancer, and the ALA admits this as well... The same molecular form of lung cancer found in smoke tobacco users and attributed to development via second hand route in non-smokers in industrialized nations with tobacco users, is found in GREATER numbers in non-industrialized nations that actually have zero access to tobacco products at all. That's right. Scientific evidence proves there is a HIGHER rate of "tobacco" related cancer in countries where they IS NO TOBACCO USE! Hmm... I was going to say "how'd ya like them apples", I think much more fitting for this comment is... "Put that in your pipe and smoke it."

Disclaimer. There is evidence that tobacco use, the smoking kind, does lead to diseases such as COPD, HTN, CHF, MI, etc. I'm just arguing the cancer argument which is completely invalid and used as a scare tactic instead of just using the truth. Why do they use the cancer scare tactic? Easy. Cancer is hard to treat, takes along time to treat, is very painful to treat, etc. It's just plain scary. But the REAL thing caused by smoking tobacco are fairly easily treated with Rx and don't scare people as easily.

Beware: The truth is out there, and it's not what you're being told.

I bid you good day.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Matt, sweet brother, all I can say to you is...whatever.

And quit smoking!

Your sis