Isn't it fascinating how life gets to us?

I've been very busy recently. First we had sickness strike our family. That came while we've been trying to prepare to send our 3 children to Tulsa...without us! AARGH! Mama's gonna need some prayer during Christmas week! (My SIL and her husband are taking them to Tulsa along with their 2 children...brave fellows they are.)

Since my SIL and I help each other find curriculum, I also have to get what I've purchased for her ready to go. Plus, my son's old clothes go to her son so we're trying like mad to get everything that's too small for him ready to go to her. (But first we have figure out WHAT those clothes are. Fun!)

To top all of that off, I've been re-doing my coupon organization system. If you've ever done that...when you get 3 sets of the paper every week, pull blinkies from the store, and have manufacturers mailing you coupons, then you understand the task that has been before me. And all of this while trying to keep up with current sales so we still have groceries!

In the midst of all of this, I have 3 book reviews written but not yet entered into the computer. (I hand write a lot of my stuff because I'm often out & about when I get the chance to or have a "moment" of inspiration.)

PLUS, I've been really going strong the past couple of weeks on a book I've been writing for about 3 years now. Yes. I'm really writing a book. I don't know when it will be sent to an editor (we have a friend I plan to hire), or to a publisher. That will depend largely on outside factors that are not within my control right now. Nope. I won't tell you a bit about my book now. You'll just have to wait. Suffice it to say it's about my life. Good enough? Tough. It will have to be. I promise. I'm not trying to be mean.

Bottom line? I'm sorry I've been neglectful the past couple of days. What can I say? That's just life sometimes.

I've got a great guest author for tomorrow. I am kinda partial, though. He's one of my brothers. (I've got around 25; give or take.)

I had a couple of people express concern since I'd been gone. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. They are needed right now. If nothing else so I'll get everything done that needs to get done...and keep my sanity while doing it.


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