Coupons, Coupons, and MORE Coupons!

Today was a MASSIVE coupon day. We had hoped it would be since, according to Michelle at Refund Cents, 517 coupons expired on Dec. 31st, 2008. That left most coupon binders and boxes near empty.

Thankfully, my husband and kids are more than willing to help me cut. Although I have to admit that when my kids saw my haul today they were a bit scared. I have 3 papers delivered to my home every week. This week, I also cleaned out my local Meijer buying another 11 papers for a total of 14 papers...or 14 sets of FIVE inserts...for a total of 70 inserts! Plus, I had yet to cut last week's P&G insert. That left me with 73 inserts plus the newest All You mag to cut. (I still haven't done the All You mag. Maybe tomorrow?)

Check out my freshly-cut, massive coupon haul for this week:

Now I need to pull my expireds and file my new coupons in my binder (seen in the top right of the pic).

If I'm not back by tomorrow, someone might want to come in after me. I'm afraid the coupons &/or the binder might swallow me before I'm done.


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