Free Suave, Diapers, and Turbo Tax for Business!

Today is a great freebie day; espeically if you own a business and usually buy Turbo Tax for business.

Free Suave:

You can get free Suave TODAY ONLY by going here and filling out your information. The coupon is mailed to you so there are no worries if you have problems filling out coupons!

Please note that the Suave site is VERY bogged down today (for some unknown reason :-) As a result, it may take you several times to submit your request. (It took me about 6 tries over the course of several minutes to submit mine.)

Free Turbo Tax for Business:

WOW! This is an INCREDIBLE deal for those who own their own business and do their own taxes. Unfortunately, this does NOT apply to Turbo Tax HOME & Business. I wish it did. That's what we use.

If you go here, you can download Turbo Tax for Business free directly from the Turbo Tax website. It also includes free e-filing so you really can do your taxes for free this year!
This is a great deal worth $110 if you normally download your taxes online with free e-file.
Free Cloth Diapers:
This one is a little trickier. Miracle Diapers offers free cloth diapers for those who need them. There is an application process and you must qualify to receive the free diapers. You must also return the free diapers you receive when you are done using them. For those who desire to use cloth but can't afford the up-front investment, this is a great deal! (Just a note here that although there is an up-front investment to using cloth diapers, the TOTAL cost is much less...often FAR less than the cost of disposables. Plus, many of the cloth diapers available now are just as easy to use as disposables.)
The reason this is such a great deal is because until recently, Miracle Diapers was not even accepting applications from those needing diapers. When they DID offer applications, you actually had to FIRST apply to RESERVE an application THEN when there was a spot available, they would let you ACTUALLY apply. It was a several step process and just because you applied to RESERVE an application DIDN'T mean you would get an ACTUAL application.
Now, however, they are offering you the opportunity to ACTUALLY apply without reservations! You can do so here if you're interested.
$10 Cloth Diaper Trial
I know I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating while we're talking about cloth diapers.
Those interested in cloth diapers but don't know WHICH cloth diapers to use, can do a "diaper trial" through Jillian's Drawers. You pay a depost of $112.84 and get to try an assortment of cloth diapers for 21 days. You then return the diapers to Jillian's Drawers and get a refund of your deposit minus the $10 trial fee.
The trial gives you the opportunity to try several different types of cloth diapers. The package includes Thirstie's Fab Fitted, Fuzzi Bunz (Kissaluvs w/newborn package), Bum Genius Pocket, Bum Genius AIO, Thirstie's Pocket AIO, Chinese Prefolds, Organic Imse Vimse Cover, Snappi, Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz inserts, and flushable liners (which you don't have to return).
If you want to keep the diapers after the trial, they'll give you back your $10 fee which will then be a bonus discount off the diapers!
The diapers you get are new. (They sell any used diapers returned in their own resell shop.) As a result, you will have to wash the diapers at least 3 times before using them on your baby. They also allow you to order them just before your baby is due. The diapers just have to be USED for 21 days or less. They are flexible.
You will have to pay $11.95 shipping to get the diapers to you and will also have to pay to ship them back. You can ship them back using any method you choose, but USPS priority shipping is $9.80 for their flat rate box.
Enjoy your freebies!

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