Girl's Night Out

I had a girl's night out tonight. Every mom should have a girl's night out!

Let me tell you, we were wild and crazy! (We ate chips & queso and LOTS of chocolate while watching "17 & Counting" along with "American Idol".)

We also knitted and crocheted. (And those of us who didn't know began learning.)

Crazy. I know. Our husbands are trying to get us to calm down on our girl's nights.

So we also came up with a plan. This is probably why three girls drunk on chocolate shouldn't be allowed to be together. Alas, it happened anyway.

Now our husbands must live with the consequences.

Our plan? We want our 15 minutes of fame. You know, the kind of fame you can only get by being on American Idol?

There's just a bit of a problem. None of us is, um...exactly what they're looking for in the next American Idol. We have learned, though, that this doesn't mean we won't get on the show. It just means we'll have to be very creative to ensure that we do get on the show.

So what does a group of moms who can't sing, can't dance, and kids (11 total between the 3 of us) bigger than we used to to get on American Idol?

Well...We hear all we have to do is wear a bikini!

What we think will make this proposition more appealing (if one can use that word in this situation), is that we are 3 moms who can't sing, can't dance, and have had 11 kids between us. (Did I mention that one of us is also currently pregnant?)

We figure we'll "sweeten" the deal by making them take us as a package. We're the "Mom Trio". You take all of us...or none of us.

We think that should get us at least our 15 minutes. If not a special spot in the finale as well.


Nevermind. I don't think I want them. Like I said, we were drunk on chocolate.



fireflydesigner said...

Well, there's proof that enebriation helps with creativity! Yay for chocolate!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

UM...YEAH! YAY for chocolate is right!